Fuck Natalie Morales!

You all know that I don’t normally do current events specifically, but rather point to the generally terrible societal zeitgeist instead.  Also, I don’t generally watch the news (unless I’m in a weird mood and The Daily Show or The Colbert Report is clogging up my free Hulu queue) because it’s all bad anyway, so why bother?  I don’t need media of any type telling me what to fear, love, and respect!

And the bullshit Natalie Morales pulled today (coincidentally, on Today) was no different.

Let me begin by saying I don’t normally even turn on the cable box.  While staying where I am (for now), it’s their cable box, not mine.  But my finger got lazy this morning and went for the button on the remote that turned everything on at once, so I had to wait until it was done that cycle before I could turn the cable off again.  To make a long story short, they had Elizabeth Banks on to talk about the new movie with LEGOs, and I thought, “Oh cool!  LEGOs!  I remember them!” and went ahead and turned the sound system to the TV on (Yes – it’s separate.  I’m living with people with money.).

I wish I hadn’t.

It wasn’t even two minutes after they played the trailer for the movie that Al Roker was being his trademark “neutered Beta” self talking about how it wasn’t a hero or a princess movie, but how they were all equal.  (Barf.)  And then Elizabeth Banks starts talking about how her character (That no one in any decent cartoon or comic book community has ever even HEARD OF before!  Seriously… who the fuck is “Lucy”?!?) is so cool and how her boyfriend (as if he’s her accessory, and not vice-versa) is Batman, and he’s Narcissistic.

First of all, fuck your character.  Lucy is some emo-looking bitch who adopts her entire look and feel from a comic HERO that has been laying it down for decades.  Fuck you, Lucy, you sycophant… you nothing!  Second of all, Elizabeth, Batman is Narcissistic?  Well WOULDN’T YOU BE?!?  Imagine (if your tiny brain can conceive of it, Elizabeth) that you are the Caped Crusader… you’re a fucking millionaire playboy philanthropist by day, and by night you protect an entire metropolis that has the indicative urban sprawl of modern-day New York City!  All that… by yourself.  Just you.

If you were Batman, you’d look yourself in the mirror and proclaim yourself king of the fuckin’ world, you condescending, deluded bitch!

But (believe it or not), that’s not even the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.  It was that flippant little feminist moron Natalie Morales that did it.  (And she’s not exactly popular… I had to Google search several different kinds of “female host of Today show” before I ran across her picture in one of the many articles from last year proclaiming how the Today show was going down in flames, was shitty, and was no longer worth watching.  [Considering I only watched for about five minutes before deciding the same, I’d have to whole-heartedly concur.])

After Banks figured she was good enough to put down Batman, that little dimwit Morales chimed in with, “You put him in his place, huh?”  WHAT… THE FUCK, you idiotic jackass!!  Put him in his PLACE?!?  You feminist fuck-face!  That little eunuch Al Roker just ceded ground to be “equal” with you, but you still thought enough of your worthless opinion that you were going to imply that a SUPERHERO MAN’s place was beneath that of some walk-on, gender-quota BITCH‘s place??

You see what these asshole bitches in the mainstream media are trying to do?  They’re no longer even hiding the fact that they think women are not only equal to but superior to men!  Bitch, FUCK YOU.

Name for me the world-renowned buildings that a woman has been the head engineer, chief architect, or construction foreman on.  Same thing for bridges, monuments, tunnels, highways, railways, or ports.  Don’t worry; I’ll wait.

While you’re at it, go ahead and name me every woman that’s ever written plays, poems, literature, or music that has stood the test of time or been non-ironically called a “classic”.

Then, once you’re done with your list of nothing, name me all the women that have pioneered (been the first and most successful in) flight, sea/land/space exploration, invention, and medicine.

Bitches, you stand on the shoulders of GIANTS.  And the day is coming – very soon – when Papa State will not be able to take care of you anymore, and guess what?  The men that used to take care of you… the ones you’ve been denigrating for decades to make yourselves look better, the ones whose throats you’ve been forcing down shit while telling them it was candy, the ones you’ve counted as worthless accessories to your bloated, self-important, princess complex-having lives… they will rise as one and leave you on the GARBAGE PILE where you belong!

I only hope that there still remain some Ladies for the Men of that day, because if every bitch on Earth fell at once, I doubt 10% of the female population would remain.

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The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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19 Responses to Fuck Natalie Morales!

  1. As an afterthought, consider that this Morales comment is the same kind of horseshit feminist dogma that fucking Sharon Osbourne was able to get away with back when news broke of some spurned bitch that cut off her boyfriend’s dick and threw it in the garbage disposal – fuckin’ Ozzy’s wife (all she really is) was laughing and joking about it!

    It’s not a joke (and Sharon, you’re no comedienne!)! It’s not even the faux “common sense” that they work day in and day out to shove down our collective throats. It’s ridiculous misandry, plain and simple – a pure, uncut example of the double-standard “equality” that you bitches want to foist upon an unsuspecting populace.

    Can you imagine if (instead) Al Roker had said, “I’ll bet Batman puts you in your place!” to Elizabeth Banks?!? There would have been a shitstorm of feminist indignation, slander, and calumny so huge that you wouldn’t have seen a single news program the next day NOT covering it. And that’s the world that these bitches call “equal”.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again: FUCK THESE BITCHES! 😡

  2. darlingdoll says:

    I love your rants! Good points all the way around. Also, congrats on being able to see the finish line for your book! That is very exciting 🙂

    • Thanks, DD. I’m always glad to be reminded of Ladies like yourself that fight their dark sides while I’m busy battling my own. The struggle against laziness and apathy is definitely one of the things I think are truly shared among the sexes. Keep up the good fight for our Lady battle sisters!

      And about the book, yeah… I’ve really poured my heart and soul into this work. It could seriously be a dectilogy of epic proportions someday (if I live that long). I think it really just needed a solid deadline (like most work things where I’m concerned).

      Also, don’t worry, either – when it’s available in a print medium, you guys will be the first to know.

  3. Erudite Knight says:

    I had no idea who this natialie was, I looked online, saw the man-jaw, and knew everything I needed to know.

    • I try to give ugly people like her the benefit of the doubt, but the more I experience of life, the more I conclude that Shakespeare was right: outer ugliness most often belies an inner deficiency or corruption.

  4. Erudite Knight says:

    Btw man how long is your book going to be? Its a fantasy right? I have been working on a massive sci-fi epic myself – rife with heroic values

    • Right now, I’m aiming at 80,000 words, which at the paperback average of about 346 per page, would work out to a little over 231 pages (not counting dedication, acknowledgements, etc.).

      The closer I get to that goal, though, the more I feel like I need to develop the conflict a bit more. I don’t know… the sooner it’s released, the shorter I decided to keep it. Either way, the word count will destroy the first HP.

      Out of curiosity, what is your Sci-Fi epic about?

      • Erudite Knight says:

        It is basically that the human race was in the process of killing themselves, and an alien race steps in and ‘saves’ them but under a subservient model, the main character can’t stand the pseudo enslavement and escapes and it follows his adventure and slowly realizing what reality and truth actually mean to existence.

      • The aliens sound like a Western government allegory.

        How much have you written? Any idea when you might be done?

        I only ask because deadlines help me.

        If I say something like, “It might be done this year,” then I generally am not planning on devoting enough time to it, and might end up playing Minecraft for two straight months. If I say, “TOMORROW!! I’m staying up ALL NIGHT to finish it!!” then my expectations are too high; I’ll end up writing 5-10 brilliant pages and leaving the narrative until I sour on it completely.

        For my current one, I’ve done the math. It’s a reasonable goal, and not too far off. I know I can do it, and will only be hurting myself if I don’t. You have to arrive at that conclusion before you’ll have a realistic time frame for yourself.

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Oh, I am going for a trilogy, I have the first one done already, its 500 pgs in msword (likely 1000ish in a book format) and halfway through 2nd.

        It has a lot of religious/spiritual things going on despite its actin narrative because essentially the ultimate plot is to find out the truth about reality/existence.

      • Sounds impressive. Although, unless you have a MASSIVE font, that first book itself may need to be (edited down to size/split into two or three books).

        Keep in mind, the average page full of text in MS Word is about 540 words, give or take. Your first book (as you’ve described it) would be 282,000 words long. Compare that to The Hobbit (which was huge at a mere 95,674 words). Just food for thought.

        Have you already self-published the first book, or is it still in the process of editing/copyrighting?

      • Erudite Knight says:

        A lot of major scifi books are around there. Dune for example is over 300K, and that is just the first of like 5-10 books

      • My bad. I guess I was evaluating it by my genre instead of yours. ^_^

        So… as for my previous question… have you self-published it yet?

      • Erudite Knight says:

        No, I looked into publishing a long time, even contacted agents, but it didnt go anywhere. I am more concerned with finishing then publishing.

      • That’s why I asked if you were still in the process of editing. I can relate, to a lesser degree, that proofreading and editing is quite a time-consuming process.

        Still, I think I’ll likely end up spending more time deciding on a cover graphic and writing all the non-narrative extras that go with the story. But once I nail that down, self-publishing (and public reading, selling to bookstores, putting out YouTube teasers, etc.) will be my ONLY focus.

        After all, no matter how good the book is, you can’t sell what isn’t printed. (Even if YOU have to do the printing!)
        And that’s really the endgame of writing – to make a proper living at it.
        One of those self-evident truths, you know?

      • Erudite Knight says:

        talk to me about the extras, we might be on the same page. I am writing like extra character bios, maps, pictures etc

      • Me personally? I was just thinking: (as far as “extras”) cover graphic (which I may just end up doing myself if my talented drawing friend can’t help out), dedication, acknowledgements, an “About the Author” (with optional photo), and possibly a teaser chapter from the upcoming sequel. Pretty standard stuff.

        After the first round of ISBNs (thinking about going with CreateSpace), if a publisher wants to pick me up for a contract and release a “Special Edition”, then I might do (or have done) some additional pictures to insert as illustrations – as my story is the type that could do with a few without it detracting from the reader’s imagined constructs too much.

  5. I thought I was the only one that hated the lego movie. I don’t get the appeal at all.

    • Technically, my problem wasn’t with the movie (which I haven’t seen), but with the flippant, dismissive, misandristic way in which it was being advertised on that awful morning show.

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