The Final Countdown

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on it (in case I [or circumstances] end up disappointing me again), but my novel… my magnum opus, if you will… is on a do-or-die schedule to be completed and available for purchase by the end of this month.  I can’t go into the specifics of why it’s “do-or-die” without burning some personal bridges, but let’s just say that hopefully my autobiographical timeline later reads: “March, 2014 – The Emperor was never indigent (or anything less than self-sufficient) again.”  Also, I apologize to any “Europe” fans who came here thinking this post had anything to do with them.

The reason I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front this year is that I’ve been doggedly focused on completing this work, which will not only beat the first Harry Potter for word-count (at least 80,000 words), but will be ridiculously better written.  Also, while J.R.R. Tolkien was a renowned polyglot (and also a bit better writer than myself), I have not allowed my personal aperture to ever close to laser-like focus.  So while he was a polymath (for languages – as I said previously, polyglot), I am more of a dilettante.  My foci have never been satisfied with just one area of stimulation and corresponding discourse.  It is in that regard (and only in that regard) that I have excelled the honorable Mr. Tolkien.

My book (thus far – as it’s not done yet, there will most likely be more) addresses: the lottery, the IRS, castle construction, Minecraft, all different kinds of magic, spirit keeping, racism, misandry, prostitution, Wu Xing, the gods of America, Egypt, and China, reincarnation, the God of the Universe, Shakespeare, medieval independence, PUAs, bitches, MGTOWs, cattle ranching, mountain aesthetics, English grammar, strip clubs, city bar chains, poverty, wealth, the overarching grip of depression in America, Zhuge Liang, super powers, and (let’s not forget)… Nathan fucking Fillion.

(Also, Mr. Fillion, having not heard from you in quite a few months now and having contacted your personal Twitter account twice, I’ll go ahead and assume that you have no problem with your character’s lines as-is.  As always, you’re more than welcome to contact me via email or Twitter.)

So anyway, this was just a short update to let you know what (Universe willing) will be coming out later on this month.  And if any of you have self-published in the past and have had good experiences with an online printer (or have any other advice for a first-time author [after years of writing – crazy, right?!?]), feel free to leave a comment below.

Also, my blog’s website name is getting ready to run out of its paid time, and I’d hate to lose the name, so if any of you guys would like a free, signed copy of my new book later this month, please donate $30 (the only way I can be sure to get the $26 I need, after PayPal fees) with my button to the side.  You’ll be helping the site stay up another year, and be one of the first people to get a copy of my book.  ^_^

And now, for your Monday listening/viewing pleasure, the two songs/videos that I can’t get out of my head…

“God Wants You to Wear a Hat” – WKUK

“Pearl Harbor Sucked” – Team America: World Police

You’re welcome.

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4 Responses to The Final Countdown

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    Not related to this, but do you remember that commenter ‘tarnished sophia’ you two got into ti, you calling her a traitor to truth etc, anyway, I sent her packing a while ago, she was such a hypocritical bitch, very typical female despite her supposed ‘promale’ stances. Just another hypocritical bitch who rides the advantages of having a pussy does for one. Thought I’d let you know since you slammed her down in the past.

    • I generally see through fake women who SAY they’re “Red Pill”, but really are just trying to butter you up to get into your good graces before attempting to wrestle you from the Truth.

      I am forever immovable in that regard, and it’s good to hear that your armor has been upgraded. Just try to remember that there are GOOD things to life that you have to take the time out to enjoy while you’re busy fighting the good fight.

      As a Hedonist, I’m more inclined to remember to take time for myself, but you seem really embroiled in battle lately. I just want to make sure you’ve left room for a beautiful garden on the inside of your impenetrable fortress, metaphorically speaking.

      Good luck and good health to you, brother.

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