Graphic Gamebooks

This page will house all my new writing projects, and will be updated based on interest.  That is, the more responses a particular title gets, the sooner new paths will open up for that story.

I’m titling them “Graphic Gamebooks” for now, as the series of “CYOA” (et al) is already ironclad copyrighted by whatever whores bought out Edward Packard and then shit all over any future published illustrations to those masterpieces.  (Which, as you can tell, I think were a totally package deal – the original drawings being just as important as the original narrative.)

*deep breath*

That aside, this will be the starting point for all my future GG endeavors – and whether or not I ever finish (and seek to have published) any of these is entirely up to you… my current readership.  Your active role in the selection of the paths for the main characters will let me know what are the most popular options, and thereby – which storylines to develop further, and which to let die or fade.

Seriously, this is an unprecedented (and I honestly don’t use that word often) chance for you, the average reader, to have a say in how awesome fictional characters are made.  It’s like a literary Tamagotchi – if anyone remembers those things.  Yes, it has a life (or “program”) of its own, but how it develops is entirely in your hands.

You’ve got to admit that that’s intriguing, at the very least.

So, for each new idea I have, there will appear a new title here on this page.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, I completely encourage you to voice them… or, you know, type them – as the case may be.  It will only help this project to grow.

And at 1333 EST on the 15th of April, Graphic Gamebooks were officially born!  ^_^


Current files:

* Graphic Gamebooks – Rules of the World  <— I highly recommend reading this before reading any other selection

* Xeresgate Series – Stat List and Item Page  <— Helpful addition to the Xeresgate series
* Welcome to Xeresgate (The Arregret Prequel)  <— The very first Graphic Gamebook!

11 Responses to Graphic Gamebooks

  1. Go North young man haven’t you been told California is full of whiskey women and gold.

    • Oh, you average Americans…

      California is WEST (not a story direction-option, in case you were wondering); CANADA is north! X)

      But in this particular case: Barbarus is to the north, and the Rippled Expanse is to the east. Oh, crap – I haven’t mentioned the Aquamancers’ town’s name in the narrative yet! Oh well… spoiler. 😉

  2. lol go with kurt the other is not farnus. (far enough)

    • It’s “Farnus”, balls, but I get which option you’re referring to anyway. X)

      BTW, in case I haven’t yet mentioned it, in the case of ties – I reserve the right to write whatever damn option I feel like. ^_^

  3. Your pun is pointless (has nothing to do with the story), and also not how I came up with that name.

    I award you no points, and may gawd have mercy on your soul. >_<

  4. laura says:

    ok well in that case i recast the electoral vote of kurt.

  5. aodhfin1988 says:

    I vote Aodhfin, although I’m extremely late to the party. Apologies, I keep forgetting to log in and post comments. -.-

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