Xeresgate: The Castle Within

This is it, my faithful readers and fans… the very beginning of the beautiful, awesome, peerless journey into the world of Xeresgate!

It’s been seemingly countless hours of getting the formats just rightly and getting the cover just how I wanted it, but I finally have a finished product that I am proud of… so much so that I can’t even WAIT the 5-7 business days before it goes live on Amazon.com to offer it to you all!!

This is the cover (in case you’re wondering)…

The most awesome book you'll read all year... until the sequel comes out.  ^_^
The most awesome book you’ll read all year… until the sequel comes out. ^_^

This is my Magnum Opus, folks.  I am not exaggerating when I say it’s the best thing I’ve read since Shakespeare and Tolkien!

But don’t take MY word for it!  “Look Inside” at the first link (for the Kindle eBook version) and see for yourself!

Link to the Kindle eBook version – available immediately on your Kindle!

Link to the trade Paperback version – will need to be mailed, but comes with visual examples of the Taijitic Seal and the Flag of Xeresgate that is not seen on the Kindle cover!

Whether you want something to snuggle into bed with, read on the subway or bus on the way to work, or just something to read in-between Dagorhir battles – THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

People have asked me what it’s about (that don’t have the luxury of reading the summary links above like YOU all do), and I tell them that it’s just easier to say what it ISN’T about!  And it’s really true.  But just in case you guys think I’m messing with you on that point, feel free to browse the Tags below this post… EVERYTHING in those Tags can be found in the book.  Trust me; YOU’LL LOVE IT!!

Once you’ve gotten a copy, be sure to stop back by here and leave a comment saying what you enjoyed about it, what interested you, or just what stood out the most!  I’d sincerely like to know.


UPDATE:  Below are just the Tags relating to the first 15 chapters.  My hands are about to fall off from typing, but I’ll make you all a deal – for every 15 books sold, I’ll put up the tags for the next 15 chapters.  (So yeah… I wasn’t kidding when I said it was easier to say what ISN’T in the book!)

2 Responses to Xeresgate: The Castle Within

  1. wart says:

    Dude, you wrote a book! cool!

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