The Agnostic Bible

As a self-professed Agnostic (and former Berean Christian), I find the lack of intelligent discourse carried on these days to be appalling.  That said, a few weaker individuals among us have long lamented the fact that there is no easy reference guide to Agnosticism (or, common sense) for them to utilize.

Well, find a need and satisfy it, I sometimes say.  So considering I know the most (of anyone I know) about the KJV Bible (the version most Berean Christians will accept as their absolute Truth), and am not currently a professing Christian, I believe that makes me the most qualified to write the Agnostic Bible.

See for yourself.  Judge for yourself.  Hold fast what you recognize as true.  Study honestly on the rest, and see if you are not convinced as well of its verity.

I shall be releasing new “books”/”chapters” approximately whenever I feel like it, so stay tuned… new blog releases will be linked to below.  Have the day you deserve!  😉


Book One: Beginnings
Chapter One, Two, Three, Four

4 Responses to The Agnostic Bible

  1. your stuff no show up in me news feed. urg. i might have to drop some people it is getting cluttered.

  2. mmkkww says:

    The agnostic bible? What the fuck? That’s kinda like “My Ex-wife’s Cookbook” or “How to Increase your Brain Power in 30 Days” by Joe Biden. It makes as much fucking sense as ‘jumbo shrimp’. I personally think that there’s no such thing as an agnostic. You either believe or you don’t. I think most professing agnostics are really Misotheists…..those who know deep down there IS a God, but don’t believe IN him just as, for example, someone who does not believe IN abortion cannot deny that it exists. Tough subject. I’m a christian who cusses, fucks, listens to black metal, believes the earth is really old, and who can’t stand self-righteous fundies. I want to soon make a pilgrimage to Lynchburg Va. for the sole purpose of pissing on Jerry Falwell’s grave. That smug self-important Pillsbury do-boy looking prick.

    • I think you may be putting too fine a point on the word “Bible” (as it doesn’t just refer to writings of a Christian nature). Considering the Agnostic Bible was to be a “book, reference work, periodical, etc., accepted as authoritative, informative, or reliable”, it’s not an oxymoron.

      Saying there’s no such thing as an Agnostic is like saying that people either believe in Yahweh and Jesus or… well, “Fuck ’em! There are no other options!!” That’s asinine (and extremely myopic). I believe that there is a God, because there is too much order in the Universe not to believe one exists. However, the order of the Universe ALSO prevents the God I believe in from being the “God” of the Bible, as to author such a contradictory, error-ridden book as the Bible would of necessity invalidate the “God” of it from BEING God.

      As far as your habits as a Christian (cussin’, fuckin’, etc.), I’d refer you to the AB (Agnostic Bible) – Beginnings 4:1 & 2. 😉

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