It Helps to Remind Myself…

Black and White Pencil of my Left HandIt helps to occasionally remind myself why I am not actually an artist (you know, as pertains to drawing).  I used to have the patience for sketching way back in high school, but this monstrosity that I attempted here took far too long and gave my left hand cramps whilst (somewhat) holding the pose.

I really just did it (to begin with) because I was screwing around with an old version of MS Paint that I managed to SkyDrive onto my Surface Pro.  When I saw it could make a decent rendering of a pencil mark, I decided to take that little feature out for a test drive… and promptly wrecked it.

Suffice it to say, the feature works well enough, but in the time it takes me to do anything even close to resembling proper art (you know, if you push your chair waaaaaaay away from the computer – and squint), the Surface heats up until the drawing hand I’m half-resting on it seems like it’ll catch on fire.  So the Surface is recharging, my hand is no longer sore, and you guys can go back to knowing I’m an awesome writer – just as long as I don’t attempt to “write” any art.  X)

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1 Response to It Helps to Remind Myself…

  1. And yes, I’m aware that I need to cut my fingernails. >_<

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