Short Update…

I’ve been busy killing myself with this new work schedule lately, so I apologize to my faithful readers for… well, having nothing for you to read lately.

On a positive note, I’m making good initial progress (2/69ths complete!) on my latest Xeresgate iteration.  This one is the one, folks.  Finally, an adventure for the adults – it’ll tie in all kinds of things that adults of every kind can understand, and will likely have some references that us 20 to 30-somethings will totally get.

Anyway, sorry this is short, but I just wanted you all to know I’m not yet dead.  🙂

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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4 Responses to Short Update…

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    This is interesting to me man, as I am about to quit this shitty job I have where I am working 55 hours a week on a saw, and making shit and zero overtime, what is your opinion on the ‘grind’ of work life vs the quest after Truth, or something noble?

    • The sad fact of the matter is simply this – the grind is sometimes necessary. It should never be a be-all, end-all… especially to a young, single man who doesn’t particularly care for what he’s doing more than for making a paycheck.

      The important thing is to find time for what you love, and find a way to make money doing it. This is what is known to me and all my black friends as a “side hustle”. It’s what gets relegated to the back burner of life until you can make enough money with it to bring it up to the front burner… thus, throwing off whatever shitty thing you were doing (i.e. – making someone else’s dream come true) beforehand.

      My book, writing, and acting have always been my present “side hustles”. As soon as this book is finished, however, I sincerely believe that I will begin making an adequate-to-impressive living as an author. Only time (and a significant amount of “burning the candle at both ends”) will tell.

  2. It’s ok I just figured out how to view your blog… Actually I think they fixed it. Before it used to just in follow you….

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