The Agnostic Bible, Beginnings, Chapter 2

Book One: Beginnings

Chapter 2

1 – Which brings me to Agnostic Commandment number one (also known as Wheaton’s Law): Don’t be a dick.
2 – We all have that radar of dickishness deep within us – whether we be male or female.
3 – You know when you’re being a dick; just don’t.
4 – The difference between a true Agnostic believer and your common psychopath is that the latter has trained him/herself to ignore his/her inner motivations toward dickishness.
5 – Men, if being a dick is your defense, choose Truth instead.
6 – It is a far less assailable bulwark, and you’re never a dick to speak the Truth at an apropos time.
7 – Women, if you rely on being a dick to deflect from your lack of knowledge, try being quiet.
8 – If you listen more than you speak, you’re far more likely to learn something – and quietness is next to womanliness.

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6 Responses to The Agnostic Bible, Beginnings, Chapter 2

  1. If I Won Powerball says:

    Hmmmm……..Why wouldn’t #5 and #7 apply to both sexes, eh?

    • Because the sexes are inherently, emotionally, and biologically different. Ergo, they employ dickishness in different ways.

      Men and women are yin and yang – balanced, but opposite. Anyone that denies that nature itself (biology) reveals any less is either lying to themselves or everyone else.

      • If I Won Powerball says:

        Hmmm…well, I think that men and women are opposite on some things, but I can tell you, I have met some seriously emotional (total bitch) men and some pretty rough and tough (total butch) women….. I don’t see all fitting into such neat, defined boxes….

      • That’s true. As any scientist would tell you, there’s always those bits of outlying data (although I would also argue that our society is currently setting the sexes up to be that way – more is in the email you just got).

        It comes back to the biological imperative, and the general truth that “The exception proves the rule.” (In other words – otherwise, it wouldn’t be the exception.)

      • If I Won Powerball says:

        Actually, it’s one of the things that annoys me about organized religion – gender roles. I don’t believe in them. In fact, they pretty much piss me off. LOL

      • I know you “laugh” to be polite, but that’s indicative of societal conditioning. You’re taught to believe that you should dabble in manly things and that men should feel free to do likewise in womanly things.

        And while I’d never advocate laws to prohibit such things from going on… from a biological perspective, each sex pursuing the opposite one’s “role” (if you will), will be fighting a difficult, uphill battle.

        As an Agnostic, I can’t deny the Truth of it; and as a Hedonist, I can’t wholly endorse difficult things. So that’s why I take the stands that I do.

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