The Agnostic Bible, Beginnings, Chapter 3

Book One: Beginnings

Chapter 3

1 – Hold fast the Truth – the absolute Truth: the scientific laws that are yet to be disproved, the social constructs that assent with our true natures, the morality within us that need never be questioned.
2 – The absolute Truth is the Agnostic believer’s God.
3 – Find it, learn it, clutch it near to your body and soul, and never let the weak and stupid masses pry it from you.
4 – Absolute Truth determines correctness: not feeling, not subjective truth, not even unripened objective truth.
5 – The true Agnostic believer clings to the Truth, as it is the only haven of sanity in a world gone mad.

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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