“But that’s just my opinion!”

Yesterday, during the mass influx of site attention, there were a great deal of comments that ended with something similar to “But that’s just my opinion!”  Congratulations if your comment got posted anyway, because every time I see that phrase (or anything like it), I groan.

I think, “Really?!?  You had to tell me it’s your opinion?”  Think about it, people… whose else would it be?!?  Do I read people’s comments and think, “Gee, their neighbor’s opinion really sucks!” or “My, their stylist is witty!”?  Hell, no!

It drives me batty.  It’s like those people who use the phrase “may or may not” just to cover their bases… by covering every possible base!  “May or may not”… as if there’s a third option!

*sigh*  The world is full of idiots, I swear.  >_<

And while I’m on the subject, I like idiots… that are humble and/or stupid enough to know that they’re idiots.  It’s those jackasses that are just smart enough that they think they’re not complete prattling morons (that end up talking to you well after the time that you’d seriously considered faking a heart attack to leave the conversation) that are the only real idiots left in this society.

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