A Quick Word about “Show Me”…

Ever since my fellow blogger, “A [sic] Opinionated Man”, first decided to re-blog my post from yesterday (in essence, sharing my words with an extended community), I have been deluged with hits, likes, comments, and new followers.  The old adage “No press is bad press,” certainly held true to its meaning, as both haters and supporters alike streamed in.  (Quite unexpectedly, the supporters have vastly outnumbered the haters.)  All the same, I am humbled by the attention… and as I have previously stated elsewhere: I write to be read.

Also, I am a ginormous Narcissistic attention whore.  But you all probably knew that.

A few people have asked what my motivation was for the article in question.  Quite simply, it was little more than the motivation for the majority of my writing: I felt like writing about it.  But more than that, I wrote it because I felt it needed to be said, and there are far too few brave (and eloquent) voices out there on the real man’s side anymore (basically, because most of us are too busy to trifle with such things).  So, I wrote it.

I’d like to briefly address the commenting situation.  Yes, they’re moderated.  Why?  Simply put, this is my public forum… not yours.  I pay for this website name, not you.  It’s here to showcase my writing work, not to provide you a free soapbox to spout whatever you choose.  And as most people can guess, this is going out to the few adamant bitches that have felt the need to comment at length.

They may be mildly amusing to me – as I tend to read every comment – but if they don’t add to the discussion or bring up a point that I feel necessitates me giving of my time to answer them… guess what?  They will not be posted.

It’s not cowardice, either – those of you who would tell me to refrain from name-calling and then hypocritically do the same yourself.  I’ve been an active entity on the internet since I was 19 (almost a score ago), and I can debate people into the ground.  Add to that, I cut an imposing figure in person, and were it not for the fact that I possess some modicum of gentlemanly behavior, I could easily verbally eviscerate someone face-to-face.

My Mom reads this, so for the most part I intend to stay as civil as possible.  That does not mean that I will allow you the privilege of bending the ears of the community here to hear me if I don’t think your argument has any merit to it, or if it has already been answered elsewhere.  I find a majority of the people that comment at length (maliciously) do so without fully grasping the spirit of the article… which is evident in my comment responses.

So, yeah – no hard feelings to the haters… feel free to continue stopping by “Show Me”.  Just don’t expect to be handed a megaphone.

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10 Responses to A Quick Word about “Show Me”…

  1. lala1966 says:

    I am very opinionated myself. I enjoy the opinions of others even though I may not (probably won’t) agree with it. That is why I decided to follow your blog. I admire anyone who has the balls to say what is on their minds. It gives me more courage to do the same. So, don’t assume my following is because I agree. I just like controversial and opinionated blogs 😉

  2. Amanda Wood says:

    I was sent here by mr harsh reality…who also posts about things and subjects I do not always agree with. In your case, however, for the most part, I understand and agree with your previous post. The older I get, and the more stories I hear about the women you speak of, the more I understand why it is so hard for us ladies to convince men we are not like the others! I am thankful that I have always (well tried to!) surrounded myself with decent, kind, strong women, who respect men and women, and acknowledge when our own gender fucks up. Because both sides fuck up. The common denominator is always the other fact, we are humans and some humans are just despicable. I also see the value of discussion and awareness of our own behaviours, good or bad, so that we can adjust and improve. That is what free speech is about.

    • I agree – free speech lends itself quite nicely to open discourse. How can we ever truly bridge the chasm between the sexes if neither are allowed to openly speak?

      Oddly enough, there are those who come here that immediately assume the worst of me merely because I don’t agree with them. They rant and fume, typing out long, vitriolic diatribes. I don’t mind – I certainly hope it’s cathartic for them.

      The hilarious part is when they come back days later expecting me to have blindly posted whatever they’ve said (no doubt merely for the fact that they’ve said it). When they don’t find their words on my blog, it makes them angry all over again, and they hurl childish names at me, as if that would coerce me to release their drivel upon my readers. Yeah – that’s not happening.

      To come full circle, I am fine with a disagreeing readership, Amanda… even though I prefer those like yourself – who disagree agreeably. 😉

  3. Interest, you know the moderation of comments is actually a topic I have considered myself. I see the reason for it and in truth there are times I have been tempted. Especially when the comment is less than 5 words long and requires me to respond in kind. Interesting post, this warrants further thought.

    • In all honesty, if you don’t moderate your posts, you’re just asking for trouble, brother.

      Not only do you get every mental regurgitation from the (Let’s face it.) plethora of idiots on the internet, but you will no doubt get several fuckheads with an ax to grind that want to wax effusive on your outlet.

      It’s like paying to put up a billboard and then just letting any old asshole spray-paint whatever the hell he feels like on it. It’s why I try to limit the personal grudges I allow myself to have – I’m not even going to let out free space in my mind to assholes. X)

      • I agree which is why originally I adopted a one response rule and a “end conversation” rule if all they are looking to do is argue. But I can definitely see the reasoning behind what you say. Interesting, I am going to have to make a decision at some point as my comment numbers are getting a bit out of hand.

      • There’s really no sense in turning something you love (like writing) into work just because you have to put up with morons, either. The more fun it is to write (and the more jack-offs you can just ignore), the longer you’ll end up doing it. 😉

      • That Sir, is a good point actually and one I hadn’t thought of in that regard.

      • That’s what I’m here for. ^_^

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