A few teaser chapters of Xeresgate that you WON’T see on Amazon… ;)

Because my actual fans show up to my blog first (and not the troll flytrap that Amazon is), I will be rewarding the faithful with a look at some of the better chapters that lie beyond the initial eight or so.  And bear in mind, good readers: considering this is to be the first book of a dectilogy, it’s heavily expository.  So… yeah.  That’s why the first chapters seem a little slow, in my opinion.

I’d also like to take a time-out to THANK all my good readers (in 93 countries thus far!) for being such a constant stream of support in your personal emails, on your personal blogs, and in your comments.  YOU are the people I do this for – the people who appreciate who I am, instead of trying to pigeon-hole me for who I used to be.

It’s going to be a really fun book series, folks, so hang onto your proverbial hats!

And don’t forget: Haters are always gonna hate, because they have nothing else going for them.  Just remember how special you are, because if they had anything better going on in their lives, they wouldn’t be so adamant about trying to bring you down to their pathetic levels!

Keep the faith, my brethren and sistren!
I love you all madly!  ^_^

And without further ado… some of the best chapters in the book…

XERESGATE Extra Chapters for my Blog Readers

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4 Responses to A few teaser chapters of Xeresgate that you WON’T see on Amazon… ;)

  1. Masked Minstrel says:

    Not here to troll, just wanted to offer some advice: using a celebrity’s name as a character in a published, for-profit work of fiction, without consent or compensation is a very risky move. It’s a big violation of personal copyright, specifically what is called “Right of Publicity.”

    If Nathan Fillion wanted to, he could sue. And he would almost definitely win.

    I’m not saying that he will, just that -by including him in your book as a prominent character, you are leaving yourself open to serious civil liability.

    Just something you should be aware of.

    -The Masked Minstrel

    • I appreciate the admonition, trust me. But I have several things working in my favor at present.

      1) In the months leading up to Xeresgate’s release, I attempted to contact Nathan Fillion directly numerous times through various channels, as well as tagging him in very prominent blog posts. If he had any objections to any of the material, he had ample time to inform me.

      2) The main reason people tend to sue for “Right of Publicity” is for libel or defamation. The inclusion of “(A Novel)” prominently in the title protects against the former (as clear fiction is never considered libel), and there’s nothing defamatory in the narrative, which makes the second possible grudge moot.

      3) If he did choose to sue me, it would be really bad press, as he is both famous and wealthy, and I am but a penurious writer. Needless to say, there’s more for him to lose than gain by doing so.

      And honestly, if he had any objection to being included and told me so via an official channel (e.g. – his Twitter account), I’d remove him from the narrative. It would sadden me to do so, as I’ve long respected his work, but I’d do so nonetheless.

      My sincere hope is that he sees the quality of the book that he’s been made a part of (in name) and just be really happy that more “nerds, readers, and writers” will be singing his praises yet again.

      It sounded like a win/win, so I went for it. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Masked Minstrel says:

    Like I said – it’s not likely… only possible.

    Even if the context in which you used his persona in your book were not defamatory or libelous, his copyright to his name could still be seen as having been infringed.

    The lack of permission would -in the eyes of the law- outweigh the lack of objection.

    In any case, I doubt he WOULD sue. If any action were taken, the most likely would be a Cease & Desist sent to Amazon, and the book taken off the site.

    • True, but he seems like a really cool (and really busy!) guy, so I’m hoping he’ll just take it for the sincerest of compliments that it is, and agree to take the role of himself when I adapt it to a screenplay format. 😉

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