Respect goes up; Love comes down

I remember talking with my mom about this the other night, and thought it was a worthy enough topic to expound upon a bit.  Before I get into it too much, I have to reintroduce a concept that has been lost to the Western family unit: the Chain of Command.  Now, I take a much more benevolent stance on the chain of command than some people, but I still agree that it is a very important facet of family life.  As with the military, things go a helluva lot more smoothly once the whole unit knows what one person is in charge.  There aren’t two COs on a ship… there’s a CO and an XO.  There aren’t two Presidents of the US… there’s a President and a VP.  And in the family as well, there is one person in absolute charge, and that is the husband.  The wife is the VP, so to speak – she has much more “authority” than the kids, but no chance in hell of “vetoing” the husband’s directives.  That is how a proper family is run.

Once you understand the CoC (Chain of Command), it’s easier to also understand the literal roles of father, mother, and children within it.  Here is the lesson: “Respect goes up the CoC; Love comes down the CoC.”  The husband loves the wife and kids; the wife loves the kids.  The kids respect the mom and dad; the wife respects her husband.  It’s the natural order.  That’s why a man feels slighted in terms of affection when children enter the picture: it’s not that his wife loves him less, it’s that she’s discovered what actual love is.

Think about it… you love those for whom you do; you respect those who do for you.  It is appreciation and respect that raises the vagrants’ arms toward the free, hot bowls of soup – it is love and concern that causes the soup kitchen volunteer to ladle it out to them.  Think about a child who finds a bird with a broken wing… the bird cannot fend for itself, and has no choice but to respect the fact that the child could crush it with one strong grasp, or merely move it to a place the bird has no control over going.  The child is the one that decides to show compassion and tend to the bird, giving of his excess in order to help mend the bird’s wing and fill its poor, empty belly.  This was touched on a bit by the “No Ma’am” MGTOW blog here (which is also a decent read).

Now, before any ladies reading this take offense to this Truth, you have to understand that even the Bible (way back then!) understood this basic concept.  Men are instructed to love their wives (Colossians 3:19, Ephesians 5:25,28) and women are instructed to respect and submit to their husbands (Colossians 3:18, Ephesians 5:22, Titus 2:5, I Peter 3:1, 5-6).  Funny, right?  Every so often, such random nuggets of Truth found buried in the dark recesses of that Bronze Age tome really do surprise me.

Nevertheless, it is offensive to rebellious bitches whenever they find that they are (by nature) incapable of love for their men in relationships and are responsible for respecting/obeying/submitting to their partners.  The Western bitch is taught by Western society that she is capable of the opposite, and strives to topple the man from his rightful place in the home and relationship in order to prove it.  The Lady, on the other hand, humbly accepts her role in the relationship and home, accepting her Lord’s protection, provision, and – let’s face it – love for her, and repays him with the respect that he is rightly due.  The Lady knows that her place is not by his side, but under his caring gaze – that she is not meant to seek more work than to make the home a warm, inviting haven for the Lord and his children.  And honestly, what woman in her right mind would want to give that up merely so she can say that she too “wears the pants” in the family?  It’s lunacy – and it’s what Western society teaches our children from the very beginning.

Once you understand that “Respect goes up the CoC; Loves comes down the CoC,” you really begin to understand the proper dynamic between men and women – the one that doesn’t bother fighting against our Truest natures, but the one that generates peace and love in the home.  Everything else is just war and tense standoffs… and who wants that?!?

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7 Responses to Respect goes up; Love comes down

  1. lala1966 says:

    That works fine if the whole family unit falls in line. But somewhere down the line, women got treated like property and some were beaten into submission. Somewhere down the line women got to thinking they wanted to play the mans role. They wanted the same power that men had. Now we have a bunch of lazy assed men and a bunch of women who think they rule the world. Can this ever be fixed? I don’t think so, I think the family is too screwed now.

    • “Brides as chattel” (with no intended return of “payment” on the husband’s part) tended to happen in highly religious cultures after they thought to improve on the already ideal model. (I think the subject is covered quite well here – ) And yeah, the CoC definitely has to be agreed upon (both verbally and by non-verbal indicators) before marriage should EVER be attempted.

      As to the current model being fixed, I doubt it will ever be fixed in the mainstream, just like people are always generally assholes to one another. But if I didn’t hold out some hope of it being fixed on a local scale with my direct assistance, then I wouldn’t even bother. Some things are just worth fighting for.

  2. Erudite Knight says:

    Still keeping it real?

    • If by that, you mean: “Still planning never to marry a Western bitch?”, then yes, abso-fucking-lutely.

      If I enter into as much wealth from my upcoming dectilogy (the portmanteau I’ve created for “series of 10 books”) as I plan to, then I should easily be able to sire a new male heir (provided my first one doesn’t change his name back to mine – yet another evil my bitch ex-wife has visited upon my kids) by either the Indian method I’ve previously discussed with you, or by marrying an Eastern woman and keeping her cloistered from venomous Western bitch influences. The second is a tricky proposition (to say the least), but if I’ve established a remote enough kingdom by that time, I will definitely consider it.

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Are you going to try to get it published normally? The modern publishing is a total joke.

      • Major publishing houses may be a joke, but they’re how you go from making thousands to making millions as an author.

        All the same, I’ll be self-publishing first. I’ll make an announcement on the blog as soon as it’s available for purchase.
        And if you’ve self-published before and have a online printer that you (trust/have been happy with/would recommend), I’m still open to suggestions. ^_^

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