YOUR CHANCE to be in one of the Emperor’s stories!

The post following this one will be a “new world”/Minecraft-type game I used to play on forums back in the day.

It’s an add-on story, that can be updated by me OR YOU (and as such, taken in any direction you choose that does not violate the tone of the story) at any given time.  The best part about this is that the story will never die as long as someone is reading and has an idea for it.

If you’re not a writer, don’t worry!  I can (and will) fix your grammar, spelling, and voice.  Just have an idea but don’t want to share it without the accompanying narrative?  Don’t worry!  I’ll build the narrative around your idea!

Once you read the first entry, you’ll have an idea of where it’s going.  It will be a singular survival story with a “Garden of Eden”-type (starting from nothing) beginning.  If you think that you might like to add to it, give it a shot!


These are the few main Rules of the World:

1 – There will never be anything (in the story world) more advanced than what existed in the “West” in the pre-gunpowder era of Medieval history.  Don’t try to write anything like that into the story; it will not be allowed.

2 – Magic exists here, but it adheres to a preconceived construct I’ve already set up in other stories of mine.  If you write something that would be outside those constructs, I’ll merely fix it before I add it to the story.

3 – What happens must make sense based on what the reader already knows.  (For example: if the Hero has already scanned the countryside from a tall mountain and has seen no fires/signs of life within two days’ journey from that vantage point, he can’t descend the mountain and immediately run into a large caravan of gypsies.  It just wouldn’t make sense.)

4 – The values espoused by the main characters must align with Absolute Truth, unless they are quite clearly villains.

5 – Any and all villains must be karmically punished/receive proper comeuppances more often than they get away with evil.


Other than that, have at it!

If you’d like to be recognized by your WP name, do nothing and I shall name you as a contributor.  If you’d like to be credited by your real name (or some other alias), just let me know which you’d like to be seen with, and I’ll make it happen.

I look forward to writing with you all.  ^_^

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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