The Right to Death

I hear a lot of people talk about a fetus’ (or any other life form that can’t speak for itself) “Right to Life”, but I never hear anyone cover what I consider to be an especially salient topic: The Right to DEATH.

Most of the time, opponents of the Right to Death are the same bitches that want to rule your life in other ways as well (but have just as much right to… NONE!) or else the types of morons that think our civil liberties are fair prices to pay for the facade of “security” or the types that think free speech doesn’t apply everywhere.  And for the record, just because YOU label someone a “turr-urr-ist” doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same rights to representation, trial by jury, and proper sentencing as the robber baron banking institutions that you have no problem protecting, U.S. Government!

The point is: we all have one life – and it’s OURS.  Whether you live it or choose not to is UP TO YOU.  No one should (or does) have the right to take you to jail or have you committed against your will because you’ve either failed in an attempt to take your life, or have voiced the opinion that you’d like to take your life.  Unless you’re a pilot, bus driver, train engineer, or some other such occupation that intends to do it when others are involved, then you should have every right to take your own life any time you damn well please!


Anyone else that wants to poke their self-righteous nose into it can just jolly well fuck off!  Unless you taking your life would directly harm someone else in the process, we should ALL feel free to take our own lives.  That is the Right to Death.

And why not, people?  We’re not exactly living in post-Black Death feudal times, are we?
There’s no shortage of people to fill in the gap for the average person.  In fact, the Earth is OVER-populated and is becoming more and more so, like a plague.

Do you know some old people tired of the pain of living?
The Right to Death gives them an out – and alleviates over-burdened government elderly programs!

Do you hate long lines, traffic, and having to fight tooth and nail for every job/promotion?
The Right to Death means fewer people will be intimidated out of taking their own lives, which frees up spots in line, on the road, and in the workplace!

Do you hate high prices for things that are necessary for your survival?
The Right to Death means that fewer people will be clamoring for essentials, and lowered demand means lowered prices!

Do you hate annoying people that think THEY have the right to run YOUR life?
The Right to Death tells these idiots EXACTLY where they can stick it!

Sure, if no one “values” human life for long enough, there may be a shortage of people to run our big, depressing factories and corporate offices, but aren’t we better off without them?  And that kind of shortage could be rectified in a single generation, so don’t preach that stupidity.

The fact of the matter is that we’re all just insignificant specks of dirt on a much bigger speck of dirt, hurling through infinity.  The people that want to convince you that YOUR life is “worth so much” are the same little spoiled princesses that want you to believe that NAWALT and that they are unique, precious snowflakes.

And that’s BULLSHIT.

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