The Nihilistic Hedonist

What good is breathing if you must eventually stop?

What good is existing if you cannot breathe fully the fragrant airs of spring?

What good is living if all you do is exist?

What good is life if you must be thirsty?

What good is water if you are also hungry?

What good is fending off hunger if you are never full?

What good is a full stomach if it is full of awful food?

What good is delicious food if it must be enjoyed sober?

What good are spirits and drugs if they cannot be enjoyed legally?

What good are laws if you have no hand in making them?

What good is civil service if you do not also have riches?

What good are riches if you do not also have power?

What good is power if you cannot control your own city?

What good is a city if you cannot control your own state?

What good is a state if you cannot control your own country?

What good is a country if you cannot control your own continent?

What good is a continent if you cannot control the whole world?

What good is the control of Earth when our solar system is so large in comparison?

What good is the control of the solar system when it pales in comparison to the galaxy?

What good is the control of the galaxy when it is made infinitesimal by the Universe?

And what good would it be to control the Universe if you must still die one day anyway?

Life is pointless.

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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4 Responses to The Nihilistic Hedonist

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    Damn dog, mgtow are supposed to be about getting it out there and getting it done!

    • I know, but I’m quickly running out of resources to do so.
      I’m currently living on the sixth line of that work. >_<

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Have you read martial arts books, or the book ‘thus spoke zarathustra’? Life is about creating your own value man. It is ironic since I have very little value only working part time, but I deeply believe this.

      • That’s at least partially true, which is why it feels really badly when you surmise that you’ve created very little of actual worth.

        Long story short, my money ended up coming, so this talk is tabled (for now) until at least December. Who knows? I have a nasty habit of cheating death. Alas, the joke’s on me – I was looking for him.

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