Titleless Verse

I am enchanted by your spell – by the power of the ideal that you represent.

Did my thoughts give birth to thee, or did your ethereal essence guide my hand upon the page so that you might be born again?

The hero that longs for a home he’s never known…

The servant who desires to live for a day as the master has lived, unthankfully, all his life…

The warrior who fights not for himself or his own kin, but for the better world that may be left to those who do not yet even inhabit it…

The poet that looks for that great magic of verse by which the glory of the heavens may be revealed, or the fury of the abyss unleashed…

The father, bereft of land, legacy, or treasure – who wishes only that his children may know of his great love for them before he dies…

The master craftsman who, held back from every outlet, makes himself ashamedly content with the knowledge of the great kingdoms he could have built – which are ever seen only by his mind’s eye…

The bard whose breath gives wing to a song that cracks his own soul so others may weep at the beauty that lies within it…

The man, who very much like an island, floats alone among the violent waves that are his homestead…

Is there a release for you?  Or shall you remain in the bosom of my heart – cruelly chained away from the world that desperately supplicates for your freedom?

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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2 Responses to Titleless Verse

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    You write this or what is it from?
    The hero that longs for a home he’s never known…
    I really liked that line, it spoke to me.
    It has been a VERY huge weight on my mind man, growing up I WANTED to be the hero, noble, strong, others could look up to me…and our ‘reality’ is this fucked up simulcrum of reality in that women dont want protection, they think they are stronger, men are jokes…
    no more heroes…and it depresses me.

    • Yeah, I wrote it. I’ll typically quote an outside source if it’s not too well-known. That’s one thing about the Emperor… I’m no plagiarist!

      The secret is that even though I could write these characters, I also am all of these characters.

      And yes, the world as is – is quite a depressing place.

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