Crime under the Guise of Policy

I know that corporate America thinks that company policy is law, but I want to be quite clear when I say that it is not.  Not only do company policies sometimes run contrary to civil laws (I should say that I’m shocked that said policies have no legal repercussions against them, but hey – this IS America, after all… “Land of the Rich, and Home of the Screwed”.), they run contrary to COMMON SENSE.

Take, for instance, the 24-hour waiting period most banks have for having YOUR money available to you when you cash a check for over $200.  I realize check fraud used to be a big thing.  But for anyone that’s seen Catch Me If You Can, there’s over four decades separating us from the fast times of Frank Abagnale.  Nowadays, the same technology that enables banks to run your checks through that little scanner machine (to protect THEM against FRAUD) could just as easily be adjusted to check in real time whether or not the bank the check is drawn on actually has that money, and then earmark it for use by the cashing bank, enabling IMMEDIATE use of YOUR MONEY.

You know why they don’t?  For the same reason that banks have savings accounts… they can make a helluva lot of profit with your money in the 24 hours that they’re denying its use to you.  See, you’re just some schlub that needs money for “needless” things like rent, food, laundry, and subway fare… THEY are a banking powerhouse that basically does high stakes gambling for profit all day with the money reserves they have – and the greater the reserves, the higher the fucking bets they can make.  With your money.

So because their “policy” is to hold money that already belongs to you for what seems like a nominal and acceptable amount of time, they think it’s okay to have the right to USE YOUR MONEY without your consent.

You know what they call that anywhere else other than corporate America?  STEALING.  THEFT!

But because their bets generally pay off (and they’d have the capital to pay you back even if the bets didn’t pay off), and they make good on their promise to give you your money (albeit 24 hours LATER), then no one makes a fuss over it.

Well you know what?  I don’t care whether you steal for a DAY, a WEEK, or a YEAR!
STEALING IS STEALING.  THEFT is STILL WRONG; I don’t give a FUCK what your “policy” says about it, you greedy motherfuckers!!

And now, of course, GCU is saying the same fucking thing – only because they’re Christians, they think it’s okay to steal for LONGER.  They disbursed money to my “GCU account” (from the money they received from my federal grants and loans) on the 23rd (Which means they now have access to it.), which now has a sizable credit to it (i.e. – MY FUCKING MONEY!).  But because their “policy” says that they have 14 whole fucking days to get their collective thumbs out of their asses and write me a check for the overage, not even a logical, common sense call to them (wasting my already few phone minutes) can get them to walk across the fucking hall to get someone to write a check to someone obviously in need!  Corporate America wins again.

Listen here, you hypocritical FUCKERS, I do believe the Jesus that you SAY you believe in not only said not to STEAL (which you’re doing), but ALSO to actively engage in acts of CHARITY.  You have the opportunity to do some Christian good (for once) and you’d prefer to hide behind some corrupt POLICY?!?

Yeah, I see whose team you play for, GCU.  Team CASH.  Team motherfucking DOLLAR!

Assholes.  😡

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3 Responses to Crime under the Guise of Policy

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    Get your money out of banks as fast as you can, except for the minumum for bills. This shit could get real.

    • Shiiiiiit – I haven’t kept more than $20 in the bank ever since I was a part of Occupy Baltimore! If I want to put money on my card to buy something online (the only time I need a credit card), I’ll walk to the bank, deposit it, and use it the same day! XD

      Banks are thieves, plain and simple. I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could throw them (And in case you’ve never attempted to lift a financial institution, it is not easy.)!

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