In Defense of the MGHOW singularity

I’ve heard what I am about to discuss as “Level Four” of being a MGHOW (i.e. – Man Going His Own Way, the singular form of MGTOW [Men Going Their Own Ways]) on this web page.  I sincerely believe that this should be the goal of every modern Western man in the manosphere.  This post exists to tell to you (my readers) why I believe so.

First of all (and this should be settled right up front), Western women are a plague.  They are corrupted goods that are the product of a poisoned society.  If Game-happy, Alpha PUAs of the manosphere truly know that NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) is the creed of the Beta moron, then what’s the point of Game?  Do you PUAs really enjoy being with that many time bombs, hoping that you’ll come out of it unscathed before they explode each time (belligerent/possessive psychos, STDs, fake/real pregnancies)?  There’s no point to it other than getting your rocks off and upping your numbers to impress other PUAs (And you lot think RPGs are silly and pointless?  At least I can turn Skyrim OFF!  Try hitting the Reset button on AIDS or a paternity case, jackass.).

The proper MGHOW/Eastern man versus Western women point was beautifully illustrated in this scene from King Arthur (Considering that it was a film made in the West, the man making sense in the scene is the villain, of course.).  Western women are not worth sullying our MGTOW penises in.  Simple as that.  They don’t want us “oppressing” them with wedded bliss, children, and our stable incomes?  FINE!  We don’t want any of the drama and disingenuous “loyalty” that their hypergamous, cheating asses offer either!

Secondly, let’s dispel the myth right up front that sex with women (Which is the main motivation behind the foolish quests of Alpha PUAs in the manosphere.) is a necessity.  This is the only thing that I’ve ever disagreed with The Rational Male about.  He’s a very logical Alpha, but I believe his weakness for “the irresistible pussy” is what ensnared him in marriage to a Western woman.  Even if your Game is impeccable, even if you think you’ve found the exception that somehow nullifies the AWALT rule, you truly are no longer a MGHOW when you have entered into the bonds (slavery – that’s an apropos term – the bonds of marriage) of a Western marriage.  You no longer have the true freedom of knowing you may do anything you want at any given time because of the corrupt Western laws that govern Western marriage.

Sex is not the ultimate opiate, men.  And I don’t care if you’ve never tried drugs, or never found a moderate solution of either drugs or alcohol to enhance your lives… it’s still true.  Sex is not necessary.  Look at the genius of Nikola Tesla – a man who did more astounding things in his lifetime than I truly even expect to do with mine.  He was celibate his entire life.  See, that’s the kind of shit you can accomplish with a genius intellect (Granted, not all of you have that, but I’m talking to the ones that do.) unfettered by sexual distractions.

All I will concede, Rollo, is that every so often men need sexual release.  It helps us relax and focus.  But, seriously – there does not need to be a woman involved in that.  In fact, due to the great advances in sex toys and free porn on the internet, it is far less expensive (and potentially life-damning) to take care of your own needs.  A quick 2-30 minutes (depending on your mood), and you’re back to inventing and saving society from itself!  Simple.

And if you want to work on your own personal charm and persuasion skills, I’m all for advancing your personal Game, but there are far more noble pursuits to use said skills on than adding to some worthless sex numbers.  Try convincing your local lawmakers to pass Man-favorable laws, try getting a protector of a living national treasure to reveal their secrets of production to you, or even try convincing a local zoning board to approve the use of your acres of land to erect a castle.  These are far more noble and lasting pursuits than just… “pussy”.

Finally (and this is the most important for true MGTOW), when it comes time to make a living progeny – a male heir to pass on your name and teachings to, if you absolutely cannot afford to pay a healthy Eastern woman to carry your child to term and then sign over all legal rights to the child (which can be done), then marry an Eastern woman to procreate.  If you cannot afford to move to an Eastern country, then you must always keep your new bride cloistered from venomous Western women (who would be all-too-eager to destroy what you have) and traitorous White Knight “men”.

Even though it’s far safer to avoid women entirely, it’s still not possible to procreate without them, so you must find the safest way (within your means) to do so if you wish to sire an heir.

Final Thought: You know, none of this would be necessary if the feminist agenda in America and other Western cultures hadn’t turned our societal mores into shit.  I fully blame them for the extremes a Real Man must go to these days in order to enjoy a peaceful, inventive, industrious, and enlightened life.  FUCK FEMINISM.

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4 Responses to In Defense of the MGHOW singularity

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    Don’t lose your anger man, it is so cathartic. I enjoy your comments on my blog as well, helps keep the others in line.
    Now let me say NAWALT!!!!! haha jk man, we all know they are.

    • The odd thing is I’m generally the nicest, funniest guy you’ve ever met in person.

      I still LOOK threatening (and don’t put up with any shit), but it’s a far cry from how consistently caustic I am on Show Me. It’s all really just to make the points quickly and show how passionate I am about the principles I hold as convictions.

  2. Erudite Knight says:

    BTW is it actually possibly to basically pay a women to have your kid? That is what I need eventually.

    • YES. I’ve heard (in another article I read) about a clinic in India that will basically find you a good Eastern woman to do just that for about $20K. You’d have to search a bit, but I’m sure you could find it with a few minutes on Google.

      Still, I’d rather be more proactive in my search – meet the woman, get an idea of her ideals and beliefs, and (more importantly) meet her family to see if mental, health, or weight problems are present in her line. And with a shrewd eye on your money, I’m relatively sure you could use one of those “Eastern Bride”-type services (without intending to actually MARRY the women) and work something out in person for even cheaper than the whole India deal.

      It would require some due (international) legal diligence, but bargains are generally worked for. 😉

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