Disingenuous people make me SICK!

I’ve mentioned before how I feel about “Likes” on my blog, but I think I should reiterate for those of you who don’t Follow me…


If you don’t Follow my blog, I couldn’t give a shit less whether or not you “Like” what I wrote!

For those of you that haven’t figured it out yet (And here, I’m writing to my readers, as disingenuous “Like”-ers [hereafter, called D-Lickers]) actually never read what you’ve written!), D-Lickers are those WordPress assholes that go around looking at the titles of blog posts that they might ostensibly like and then superficially click the Like button, hoping that some uneducated WP writer will be a dumbass enough to throw them a hit, even though by doing so they don’t throw YOU one!

That’s why when you’re just starting off, you can sometimes notice more Likes than actual Views on your blog.  It’s because of THOSE ASSHOLE D-Lickers!

Well, that shit irritates the fuck out of me!  I’m a WRITER, god damn it, and I write in order TO BE READ!  I don’t give a shit about D-Licker “Likes”!!  That’s the WP version of masturbation – it’s disturbing to watch, doesn’t do a thing for me, and only benefits YOU.  You selfish motherfuckers.

In fact, D-Lickers won’t even be reading this.  I’m only writing it to vent and to warn my Followers so that they don’t end up clicking on a D-Licker’s Like.  FUCK them!  Their bullshit stars that appear up there in the top right make me SICK!


And while I’m on the subject, I have to admit to a modicum of disingenuousness on my own part (which made me a little sick to perpetrate – but was done in order to embody the personage I like the least in the job world [a “salesman“], but thought was necessary to get this thing done).

Now that the whole “Xeresgate Funding Campaign” is two days old, and did practically nothing to help my situation, I can say this.  “Every $1 helps” is only true if everyone only gives a dollar (Otherwise, if only one person gives, it should be “Every $1,000 helps”!)

And you know what?  That’s pretty cheap.  And I don’t mean “cheap” as in “inexpensive”, either.  I mean “cheap” as in “miserly“!  Hell, every dollar counts for me now that I’m down to my last two loaves of bread, but I still tipped the bagger (at the Associated grocery store) all of my change yesterday… like 80-some cents!  That’s a lot for me, I can’t even really afford it, but I’m a giver!  And you know what?  I DON’T UNDERSTAND people that AREN’T!

Karma can be a real bitch, people… and while I genuinely do appreciate the three people that have helped to pass my message along (Thanks again, guys.), in the end the only thing that puts a few meager groceries in my room (and possibly helps me to keep being in a room, and not out on the streets) is the money.

Out of the 174 views that that post got, the 104 visitors it brought to my blog, and the 47 D-Lickers it attracted, ONE LADY donated $2 (out of which, PayPal only passes on $1.64).  I picture her in my mind as a poor, old widow lady on a fixed income that saw my post and decided to have the one thing that NONE of the rest of you had… a HEART!

Considering it doesn’t matter what I say (I’ll be broke regardless!), then I can say this: you all are CHEAP!  One fucking dollar isn’t much, you selfish assholes, and you STILL wouldn’t do that!  Let me tell you something…
If every visitor had given $1… I’d be able to eat next week!
If every visitor had given $2… I’d be able to eat for two weeks!
If every visitor had given $5… I wouldn’t have to worry about September’s RENT!
(And you know what?  It doesn’t matter how much food you have, if you have to eat it out on the street!)

You know those tithes and offerings that you smugly put in the plate at your church every Sunday?  You had a chance to HELP someone, and you turned your back on it!  (Your Sunday offerings are WORTHLESS!)

You know those “pennies a day” that you send off to the Christian Children’s Fund and other bullshit charities that “help” kids in Africa that YOU NEVER SEE?  DISINGENUOUS!

And the next time you splurge by paying monthly for Netflix, Hulu Plus, or any of the hordes of useless entertainment BULLSHIT that you assholes spend money on online, know that the 6’4″ guy in NYC that has no choice left but to be mugging your ass right now in order to eat… is there because YOU PUT HIM THERE!

Merry fucking Christmas, you MISERS.  😡

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7 Responses to Disingenuous people make me SICK!

  1. Erudite Knight says:

    Hey man I know we talked about this a bit, but your time in the military, do you think it is a good place for a MGTOW to be, or is it a really bad place to be?

    • Depends on the command – on the FFG ship (small command) I was on, it was all men, so there was less political, “PC” bullshit. But on the CVN ship (huge command) I was on, it was nothing BUT political, “PC” bullshit. It really depends on the command, though I can’t speak for branches other than the Navy.

      Also “MGTOW” is plural, “MGHOW” is singular. I thought you knew. 😉

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Oh I know, you were the first person I ever saw MGHOW on actually. So that being said, is the Navy ‘feminized’? As one MGHOW to another, is the military is legit place, or a sham to stay away from?

      • First of all, just so you have a decent reference for where I got all my first info on MGTOW, you should check this site out. (I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it to you before or not, which is why I am now.) I think the original author of the site (Which is still up – I think – as a handy reference of all things “manospheric”.) now runs a blog which he updates regularly here. Needless to say, I’d recommend studying the former and following the latter.

        Now, as pertains to the military… you seem rather young, so I dare say it wouldn’t be a bad idea (overall) for you to join. (Granted, I’m only speaking for the NAVY – I have no idea about the rest of them.)

        The Pros are foreign ports/women that fawn over men in uniform (To the East, you have Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, and Greece – all of which are nice, though I’d recommend the MOST Eastern countries [Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc.] for the easiest scores – the bad news: That takes a trip on YOUR dime, as the Navy rarely has ports of call for them. // To the West, I’ve heard that Perth, Australia is very nice to sailors, as well as Thailand, Japan, and certain parts of the Philippines and China. Hell, you could come home with a half-decent WIFE from China, although I’d never recommend ruining an Eastern woman by bringing her into the company of Western bitches!), a lifetime of VA meds/hospital treatment if you finish even one enlistment, and of course the still-generous GI Bill.

        Of course, I’ve heard you talking about some Canadian stuff (IIRC), so the Canadian Navy might not have those benefits. Still, I’ve been onboard some other countries’ ships where even the enlisted crew had bars for drinking (off-duty) right on the ships. So, you’d want to check with your individual country. Americans are still pretty prudish about alcohol onboard their ships.

        If you manage to get on a small enough ship (The U.S. Coast Guard is GREAT for this!), not only are the odds of you being assigned to an all-male crew (WAY less drama!) that much greater, but small ships EAT WELL, too. Think about it – when the cooks don’t have to cook as much, they tend to cook better.

        Of course, you’re going to have PC bullshit wherever you go, and a major drawback to enlistment is that you can’t just drop your tools and say, “FUCK Y’ALL! I QUIT!!” if your section Chief is being a dickhole. And if you try that during a time of war (which the West tends to be going into willy-nilly these days), then they will fucking crucify you for Desertion (and possibly Treason)!

        Also, when you’re out to sea and someone over your head is being a jackass, there’s only so much ship that you have to walk away from that fucker on! So if you’re a rage-anger type (like me), then you might end up bottling up enough of it to give you a fucking coronary.

        Still, all things considered, it’s only 4-6 years of your life (unless you make a career of it). For the benefits (at least in the US), I’d say it’s pretty worth it. It WILL NOT seem so at the time, but in hindsight, I’m glad I put up with it. Just take my advice if you do: DO NOT GET MARRIED once you go into the service!! There’ll be a LOT of young bitches wanting to get their hands on your sudden financial viability, but TRUST ME – the service alone is enough of a headache. You do NOT need to come HOME to one as well – and no amount of living off-base is worth having to come home to some Western bitch!

        I hope that completely answered your question, EK. 😉

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Hey thanks for all the info man. However one big thing is I have a 4 year college degree so if I went in it would be attempting to be an officer. How would that change things?

      • Having only ever worked in the officer’s dining room and around their staterooms (read: NOT sleeping in the same space as 20-100 other guys – maybe ONE roommate at the worst), I can only tell you what I’ve seen (and what I’d imagine to be true anyway).

        Officers seem to only put up with BS, as it’s a realm similar to a corporate executive. The good news (possibly?) is that they get their hands/uniforms dirty a helluva lot less (if at all) than enlisted folks. And if they have to endure BS from the guys over them in their chain of command, it’s usually only 1-3 officer guys who all know what’s up. Chiefs (etc.) in the enlisted chain of command are usually over-promoted imbeciles that are cluelessly full of themselves. Officers, on the other hand, are just college-educated youngsters with little to no real world experience. They balance each other out, oddly enough.

        Still, I’ve never seen an officer have to “man the rails” at parade rest while we were pulling out of port (to impress the young Navy wives), I’ve never seen them struggling to pull that heavy-ass connector onboard from another ship when we’re doing underway refueling, and I’ve never seen them on a daisy-chain “working party” to get a shit-ton of boxed/frozen food below decks before an out-to-sea. And if you’re the CO or the XO, odds are you’ve got a nice comfy chair on the bridge from which to view all those proceedings. It’s a different world, is all I’m saying.

        And if you DO ever become an officer, try to remember that the enlisted population isn’t there to serve you, but to serve our country. You might be regarded as less of a pompous jackass if you do. 😉

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