Nathan Fillion, The Super-Villain

***This post is specifically for NATHAN FILLION, so everyone else, turn your heads for a second and let the man read.***

I’ll make this quick, Nathan, as I know Castle and other things demand your time.

I know the following about you:
1) You like playing villains (from your “Personal Quotes“) – it gives you the freedom to act in ways one can’t, normally.
2) You’re open to cameos in small/independent works.

Now, knowing those two things, I’ve written you into my upcoming book.
You’re only mentioned in three sections so far, but there is a small part of one that alludes to the fact that you will become a ridiculously over-powered super-villain.

Now, I could go the normal “non-lawsuit-y” route (naming the character “Jason Tillean” or something) or even claim “fair use” under satire/parody laws, but I respect your body of work and wanted to at least give you a chance to give your character (in my book) the “once-over”.

The book should be done before the end of the year, and I will immediately begin work on the Feature adaptation thereafter, but in industry terms, it’s “a long way off”.  So, I’m leaving the three sections here (Xeresgate – The Castle Within (Nathan Fillion part)) on my blog for your perusal.

(To give you a bit of the narrative that is not revealed in this segment, the story is about the re-discovery of Magic in modern times and a man who wishes to build a secluded medieval kingdom to “set society aright”.  It will tie in social commentary, economics, politics, and even love together with Magic in a way that so expertly suspends disbelief that you, the reader, will wonder if Magic does truly exist.)

If you have any input as far as things you’d like to say differently, or even if you think you might react differently to the bar situation, please let me know at the email I provide at the end of the attached Word file.

If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume that you agree with the text as-is, and will look forward to working with you on the Feature adaptation of the work at some time in the future.

***Thank you for your time, good sir, and to everyone else – you may now look again; I believe Mr. Fillion has left the building.***  ^_^

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The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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