There’s always the possibility…

I’ve tossed the ball in the Universe’s court more often than I’m probably even aware of, and it’s glaringly apparent that He likes watching a “close game”, as it were.

This time, however, I’m going above and beyond to ensure that I (for once in the past ten years!) might not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

That’s right, readers – the Emperor is broke.  The job market is anything but accommodating (even with the licenses I have), and even college loans for the upcoming fall semester will be a good two months away from coming back to me – if there’re even any overages.

This puts me in a hell of a situation, as it takes a lot for a man to go – hat in hand – to his neighbors asking for assistance.  I’ve never really done this before, but I’m hoping that among the many people in the vastness of the internet, there are enough people of like mind… that would not like to see a fellow writer (so close to finishing his first book) tragically stopped short.

If you’ve read anything from my Graphic Gamebooks section, you know a small fraction of the detail that I’m capable of (as that was just me screwing around for free) and you can tell the awesomeness of my writing style (also, from reading here on the blog, of course).

I’m not asking for outright “donations” (even though that’s what the button below will say), but I want to do something like an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign.  The only problems with those campaigns are that the money takes a whole month to become available (and I obviously have less time than that before next month’s rent is due) and I think they have restrictions about raising money for a person as opposed to making a product (and it’s not even that I’m not currently working on a product – I am!).

So, using that same sort of format, I want to announce my own XERESGATE FUNDING CAMPAIGN!  I have already estimated the time it will take me (conservatively) to finish my book and the money it will take to get it copyrighted and independently printed, and (personally) survive on until that time.  The latest the book will be done by will be the end of this year… and the least it will take for me to survive long enough to write it and get it out the door is $7,000.

This will guarantee a narrative of the finest caliber, along with the following…
(For a “donation” of:)———/———(You will receive:)
#1 -> $1-$49 ………. A public Thank You and recognition on “Show Me”! (1 of *unlimited* Claimed)
#2 -> $50 ………. #1 package + First-run paperback of the first Xeresgate novel! (0 of *unlimited* Claimed)
#3 -> $100 ………. #1 package + signed First-run hardcover copy of the first Xeresgate novel!  (0 of *unlimited* Claimed)
#4 -> $200 ………. #3 package + First-run audiobook copy of the first Xeresgate novel read by the author – ME!  (0 of 10 Claimed)
#5 -> $300 ………. #4 package + a personalized introduction track on your audiobook copy of up to 100 words!  (0 of 5 Claimed)
#6 -> $500 ………. #1 package + signed First-run hardcover copies of every Xeresgate novel in the series – I anticipate there will be TEN in all! (0 of 5 Claimed)
#7 -> $1,000 ………. #6 package + 1% of my net writing profits for life (0 of 1 Claimed)

I will be updating this post as the donations come in, and the Thank Yous will be in the comments section.  I’m not kidding about #7, either.  I will contractually bind myself to that.  Imagine if J.K. Rowling had been going through financial troubles early in her writing career and had offered the same.  Whoever took her up on it would be worth a cool $10 MILLION right now.  Just food for thought.

Look… I know we’re all writers here, so I know this isn’t falling on deaf ears.  Even if you’re not that #7 guy/gal, odds are you’ve had someone help you when you were down.  Here’s your chance to not only pay it forward, but to do it for a fellow writer, and even possibly get a little something in return.

I’ve been in NYC since last September, and been writing for free for you all since February of this year.  Even though I know you’re “not supposed to”, when I’ve had it, I’ve given over $100 just to random subway vagrants and street performers since I’ve been here.  And I am not (nor have I ever been) “Mr. Moneybags”!  I just recognize people down on their luck when I see them.

I’ve always thought that the Universe and the good people in it would repay my kindness someday.  Today is that day, folks.  Even $1 will help!  Prove that there is good in the world, and that the little guy can still make it.

Help me.

Thank you.

P.S. – It also goes without saying that any of you that could re-post this on your blogs would also be a HUGE help.  Thanks so much.

P.P.S. – I just wanted to say that I appreciate the attention that this post has been getting, but hits and Likes alone won’t help get the word out about my predicament!  If you really “Like” the post, then go to the top of the page (juuust a smidgen to the right of the “Like”) and hit the “Reblog” button for me.
If enough people see this, I just know that the Universe will touch their hearts for me – remember, even $1 helps!  Thank you.

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9 Responses to There’s always the possibility…

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    There is always someone that needs something in the world. There is not always someone willing to listen. I have been in tough times before, pressing a single button is not a huge act of kindness… but I am pressing it anyways.


  2. Kaidyn says:

    Reblogged this on Clover Post and commented:
    I hope that in this way I would be able to help… ^__^

  3. UPDATE: I just want to say thanks to Opinionated Man and Kaidyn for reblogging this post. Your help is much appreciated.

    Also, it occurred to me (as I received my first donation) that for some of us, a certain measure of anonymity is afforded by the internet community. Not wanting to put anyone’s actual name out there or anything, I still want to give you all the public thanks you deserve.

    For this first donator, I’ll just use their email name without the “” on the end. For any subsequent donators, feel free to leave some sort of name in the “note” section as to how you would most like to be recognized… or else I can just do it this way. Thanks! 🙂

    Donation THANK YOU!!:
    desireanddrive (#1)Thank you very much!

    Also, I’m not sure whether or not this shows up on you all’s end or not, but apparently PayPal takes an 18% cut of these donations! O_O I had no idea.

    Avarice is still alive in America, folks – I’ll bet whoever owns the building behind the sidewalk the poor beggar on the street begs on would shamelessly dip into the beggar’s cup for half his donations as a “transaction fee”, too. >_<


    • darlingdoll says:

      “…apparently PayPal takes an 18% cut of these donations! “~ I figured that the took some $ as a fee for service or use, but I had no idea it was that high. 😦

      • Yeah – it’s pretty bad.

        I did some quick figuring, and apparently, to raise the full amount I need, I’d actually need to raise $8260 using PayPal’s “generous” donation system. XP

  4. I’m so sad you are in this bind. I never came across your blog (I read and write primarily DIY, sewing, etc.blogs). Fact is I’m not able to donate. I have to ask if we can afford for me to make a $10 purchase for something pretty necessary. My hopes are with you.

    • Thanks for the sentiment, CTDWM.

      And I realize there are rough times all over – and not everyone can donate. But everyone CAN Re-blog my post (like I said in my P.P.S.)!

      You never know – someone that reads your blog that might never have seen my blog otherwise might just have a dollar or two to spare. And every $1 helps.

      If everyone that’s “Liked” the post so far had chipped in a dollar, my book would be $37 closer to written! It’s not much, but it could print a few copies.
      If every individual visitor today had chipped in a dollar, it would be $89 closer to written. That’s twice as many copies, and perhaps a few hardcovers!
      If there had been just one dollar from every view this post has gotten today, there would be $154 waiting to use on it. Even the tiniest bits add up, CTDWM, and I’ve never needed it more.

      But like I said, I understand not everyone can/will donate, but everyone CAN hit the Reblog button!
      It costs nothing, you’re already on the computer, and it would help a lot!
      (It’s right up at the top, to the right of the “Like” button.)

      Thanks again. 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on unicornshitrainbows and commented:
    I am reblogging now again I stead of sharing…. Darn mobile app.

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