It really needed to be said.

I don’t often do links/reposts of other writers’ works, but I had to emphatically agree when I saw this YouTube update from Maddox.  You don’t need to search for it on YouTube, because his video is embedded in his article.


In defense of Bill Maher and Seth Meyers (both of whom I also respect), I will say this:
This is clearly an example of “The exception proves the rule.”

You (Maddox) found one instance of Bill Maher using the insufferable “technique”, and brought up the obviously appealing-to-the-lowest-IQ-denominator “Really?!?” sketches that Seth Meyers wrote for SNL (Granted, they’re most often delivered side-by-side with Amy Poehler, one of the most annoying bitches ever to be on SNL, but still…).

You have to do some pretty serious head-in-the-sand ignoring/dismissing of Bill Maher’s sold-out stand-up specials (How many of those have you done, Maddox?) and TV work (Real Time, Politically Incorrect) to imagine that that one comment is indicative of the rest of his thought-provoking and intuitive work.

And Seth Meyers has been the head writer on SNL since 2005.  You’ve seen the show, obviously.  Not every sketch is a nugget of gold, but overall, it’s pretty funny.  You’ve got to expect that under the writing schedule they have (less than a week from idea table to live fucking TV) that they will occasionally allow themselves to be lazy (e.g. – the “Really?!?” sketches).  If you wrote every week (summers excluded) since you started your site back in 1998, you’d probably have a lot more “I’m Better Than Your Kids”-type laziness going on, too.  (You’re better than someone’s kids?  What normal adult ISN’T better than a kid??  We all are.)


At any rate, this wasn’t meant to be a mini-rant against Maddox, but I got a little distracted.  Whatever.  Just go enjoy his article/video, because the point was valid.  Hipsters are awful.  >_<

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