The Pro-Western Marriage crowd aren’t Scholars; They’re a MOB.

Made up of “impassioned” in-duh-viduals from both sides of the Blue/Red Pill debate, most Western people these days (I find) are quick to charge into the fray for the defense of Western marriage.  There’s not a true lady to be found among them, and every single man among them is a bona fide White Knight, holding his NAWALT banner proudly aloft.  They are quick to cluster into tight formation – shields locked and spears raised – ready to impale the enemy on their feeble hive mind’s groupthink.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it takes more than a streak of paper tigers to take down the Emperor.  So, for your reading entertainment, I will happily present my latest battle with the weakest of adult minds that I have encountered heretofore… the Pro-Western Marriage Mob (PWMM, hereafter).

To set the stage, this happened on one of the most pretentious, presumptuous, and pernicious “adult” Minecraft server forums that I’ve ever had the displeasure of posting on.  This particular server (whom I won’t freely advertise for, though a quick Google search would likely turn up the culprit [Sadly {Or is it?}, there are too few actual “adult” Minecraft servers out there – all of which allow kids under 18 in certain circumstances, so I guess there are literally no adult MC servers out there!]) has a particularly long, bloviating, self-congratulatory process of application.  During the almost month-long “trial” period, they encourage applicants to post on their forums so that they may “get to know” them (translation: so they may more handily ostracize people of differing opinions from the PWMM).

Their particular brand of defense deals mainly in groupthink (“Everyone feels this way!”), name-calling (“You’re arrogant and disrespectful!”), blatant hypocrisy (“You’d better respect and be nice to us, but we don’t have to do the same for you!”), blanket assumptions (“You probably hate gay people too, don’t you?”), mockery (“You’re not as smart as you think!”), attempts at incitement (“No wonder your wife left you!”), disregarding/intentional wresting of things you say in order to cram it into what they think is a valid point (“I respect and treat kindly the jerks at work…” [after I’d quite clearly said that tolerance and civility was the only thing due them] “…because bosses don’t put up with people that act like assholes!”  <– See there?  Apparently, civility and tolerance are now enough to brand one an “asshole”.), and of course the “threat” of exclusion from their “venerable” MC server (“Well, I’m not going to vote you in, and I don’t know anyone that will!”).

But you want to know a few tactics that none of the PWMM will use?  TRUTH.  FACTS.  HONEST DEBATE.  I proclaimed a fact early on and even repeated it several times afterward that no one would touch, repeat, or acknowledge (It was the Ron Paul of debate facts.).  They just danced around it like cavemen circling a fire and throwing rocks at the unseen phantoms of the night.

The fact (as pertains to Western marriage) was simply this: “Traditional marriage is an economic agreement in which the man gives up his surplus labor (work, money, security) in return for his progeny that issues forth from the woman (children, legacy).  It is how great families emerge, civilizations rise, and empires establish their dominance.  Western marriage is one in which the woman is allowed (by law!) to take the man’s labor (even after divorce) and still call the man’s progeny ‘hers’.  That is FRAUDULENT.  Ergo, Western marriages are a sham.”
(The well-written essay that covers this fraud topic in delectable detail may be found here.)

You can easily imagine (after my awesome examples above) the flurry of emotions that burst forth from the knee-jerk PWMM – as the contented, happily-married adults that they would have you believe that they are.  Denial, huh?  “It ain’t just a river in Egypt anymore!”

Rivers of lava, earth-shattering quakes, and fireballs from the sky were what they thought they were hurling at your beloved Emperor.  What I saw was an insufferable tantrum from a herd of spoiled 2-year-olds used to getting their own way and being praised for the most mundane of accomplishments.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was amusingly silly.

So that you all may enjoy the fracas a bit more personally (and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process), I’ll weed through the emotional responses to pick out the parts that most resemble actual arguments… and tell you why they’re wrong.  Ready?  ^_^


1.  “Our marriage is a partnership, and that works for us.”
——->(Note: This was one of two mostly level-headed [though still deluded] individuals in the whole discussion.  As is typical of a conversation ruled by logic, both of the people I’m talking about now were male.)
 This is a difficult realization for any married man to have, but guess what?  Empires do not share absolute authority.  Brother will fight against brother for the crown that either could have, and the King always has more authority than the Queen.  The same is true of a married household: there is no 50/50 relationship.  Someone has the last word, and in those “50/50” marriages, it’s usually the sulking, loud, argumentative wife.  Men in those marriages don’t want to admit it because they’re Betas clinging desperately to the thought that they’re Alphas, and women won’t admit it because they like living and propagating the lie that they are being “equitable”… and who in their right mind gives up such hard-won ground, right?
I’m sorry to say it, but “Our marriage is a partnership!” is like saying, “I’m a huge pussy, and my wife wears the pants around here.”  Simple as that.

2. “So you think a marriage in which both the man and the woman work – the woman is ‘no good anymore’?”
——-> For the record, I’d not said anything even slightly resembling that statement prior to it being made (Wresting statements, quoting things not said, and heavy umbrage?  You guessed it – woman.).
Also for the record, and as pertains to a wife in a Traditional Marriage, fucking YES.  She is NO GOOD for that marriage anymore.  She has coveted the role of the man, joined the man’s workforce (which women are incapable of doing as well as a man – something they also don’t like hearing), neglected her role in the care of the man’s children, and seeks to undermine his role as provider and head of the household.
I also realize that we currently live in an economy in which one cannot afford a nice house on only one income.  This is the fault of greedy lawmakers and bankers capitalizing on the women’s fight to enter the workforce in the first place, but now that home prices are set so ridiculously high, we in the Western countries must live with it.  The feminists have unintentionally burned us all, but they’ll never accept the responsibility for having done so.
I won’t go into it at length, but proper Traditional married couples simply learn to live with less, sometimes even with the wife doing a properly wifely job from home – I know of several female writers who do so, and even a few women making a decent contribution to their marriages by finding deals on eBay and re-selling them for profit.  But for the avaricious, power-hungry twit-wife, having the care of the home, hearth, and children is likened to backwards slavery so that they may happily enter a worse, less satisfying form of servitude… the male workforce.
Well congratulations, idiots.  Welcome to our hell.  Now sit down, shut up, and don’t complain when you don’t get paid as much, because you lack the capacity to work as hard, so you don’t deserve to be paid as much!

3. “You think marriage should be entirely for the benefit of the man!”
——-> (False assumptions phrased as facts?  Yep – woman.)  Just out of curiosity, how do you figure all the “benefits” of Traditional Marriage are in the man’s favor?
Here’s the tale of the tape:
* YOU: Do about two actual hours of housework to maintain a decent home / HE: Works all day
* YOU: Get to spend all day with the kids / HE: Only gets to see his kids at night, when he’s already exhausted.
* YOU: Can leave the house and do whatever kid-friendly things you like – all day – with a modicum of effort and preparation. / HE: Is stuck at work all day
* YOU: May offer your opinions freely, but must submit to his authority if there is a disagreement on the course of action to be taken / HE: Is responsible for aptly, logically, and intelligently leading his household – and any mistakes made as a result of his judgment
* YOU: May not keep his offspring and call them your own for the purposes of coercing money from him in child support or the State in social services / HE: Really only gets this one benefit… his childrenand you would begrudge him that?!?
The cry of “Traditional Marriage only benefits the man!” is an argument made by the selfish, the stupid, or the downright wicked and unruly wife.  You don’t have to be a genius to realize that.
The real “injustice” that they fight against is being ruled by a man – as they are a coven of stubborn, insubordinate, insufferable bitches that are used to being Daddy’s little princesses (whether they deserved it or not), and want the same puerile power of “It’s my way, or a tantrum!” in their marriages.
And modern men (Betas) are allowing (and even condoning) this childish attitude in their wives.  WHY, you morons?!?  You think boring sex once a month is sufficient payment for a lifetime of your labor??  Are you that fucking stupid?!?

4. “My husband makes less money and knows how to cook!”
——-> Congratulations on the Beta fish you’ve landed in your Western marriage boat.  Good luck as a modern, hypergamous woman either resenting his weak contribution to the marriage funds and the awful role-reversal (that you find so cute right now) or finally trading up for a more Alpha model husband and still taking your old Beta to the Divorce Cleaners even though you have no right to any of his labor from the point of divorce!  One of the two will happen – statistics don’t lie, and modern divorced men’s forums are positively full of men that lament exactly what I’ve described.  And you know it.
You’ll notice she hasn’t bragged on anything she contributes to the marriage other than more money (which, incidentally, is easy to say on forums where women do their own brand of dick-measuring with one another), and one could almost assume that she doesn’t know how to cook, considering she’s so proud of her husband for being able to do so.  Hell, my ex-(Western)-wife couldn’t cook!  Why should I expect more from any other Western wife?
Also, that is a sad fucking commentary on life in the Western world – women don’t need to bring ANY domestic talents to the table in a Western marriage!  That is lazy, ignorant, and selfish – but they’re too solipsistic to care.

5. “You don’t know every single marriage that currently exists, so you can’t say that most of them are shams!”
——-> (A weak attempt at logic… is a man, but definitely a Beta.)
I don’t need to go into this further, as you all know why Western marriages are fraudulent shams by this point, but I will address the weak logic.
All you can know of marriages can be gleaned from all the marriages you’ve come in contact with.  If most of the Western marriages I’ve known (including mine) have either ended badly or are in poor shape (They are.), then that supports my personal claim that the majority of them are shams.  I don’t have to know every single Western marriage to make that call – it’s locally true.  And considering it’s been that way in every state I’ve lived in (currently 7 out of 50) and in every online encounter I’ve had any length of discussion with, it’s more than that – it’s indicative of the ruinous state of marriage in the Western world.  No matter how badly you want to defend it, bitches, it’s just NOT WORTH IT for a Western man to marry a Western woman these days!  It’s a recipe for personal disaster.
And by the way, he didn’t know every current marriage either, so his argument could be just as “destroyed” from his lack of knowledge as well.  (Clue for the clueless: If you don’t know every single marriage that currently exists, you can’t say that they aren’t shams, either!)

6. “You can’t talk in absolutes like that!  You have to say that it’s just your opinion!”
——-> (This is how Betas are trained to talk.  Still, this was the other guy I was talking about earlier.)  I won’t go into how obviously hypocritical this is, considering these were the same people that insisted I “respect” them, while offering me none of the same “social imperative”.  (And as an aside, I should quickly say this: Respect is earned.  If you say that you respect even the average jerk on the street, then you’re either an imbecile, or you are actively watering down the meaning of the word!  Women do that shit all the time, and it’s highly annoying.  You “love” cupcakes?  Really, bitch?  Are you going to marry cupcakes and devote your life to them?  Then you don’t LOVE them, you simpleton!  You’re just fond of them.  Same thing with respecteducate yourselves, you colloquial fools.)
Back to the point: everyone defending a conviction speaks in absolutes!  If you want to soft-lob your argument across the plate, then feel free to say something is “just your opinion”.  Then any naysayer worth his salt will obviously discount it merely because it is just your opinion.
That’s what someone who can’t provide facts for their side or dispute the facts on your side will inevitably do: attempt to weaken your position by insisting that everything is relative.  No, you colossal half-wit, everything is not relative, or else there wouldn’t be such things as Scientific LAWS.  Facts point the way to Truth, and once you’ve found Absolute Truths, you hold onto them and defend them – no matter who tries to dislodge you from your conviction by insisting that one can really never “know” anything.
Incidentally, the same disingenuous debater that would tell you to abandon absolutes… is definitely holding onto a few of his own.  (Otherwise, he’d just say: “You know what?  You may be right.  No one knows for sure!”  And he never will.)


Anyway, that’s all the time I care to spend on this today.  I’ll head back over there one last time to drop off the link to this page for them… but considering they’re not big on either reading or comprehension, don’t expect them to be dropping by here anytime soon.  😉

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17 Responses to The Pro-Western Marriage crowd aren’t Scholars; They’re a MOB.

  1. An unthinking Beta (<-- fixed that for you) male says:

    Hoist by your own petard. We are here. I hope you enjoy your kingdom it must be a lonely place.

    • Oh no – whatever shall I do now that you’ve followed the link I gave you? X)

      (By the way, the phrase is “hoist with one’s own petard”, but I don’t really expect your kind to know such things.)

      Thanks for the few extra blog hits, dummies.

  2. Erudite Knight says:

    Marriage is really strange in the west, basicly it is a love hate with feminists, they HATE the idea when they are sub-30 because its ‘enslaving’ but once they hit post-wall its ‘time to settle down, and find a great guy’ meaning someone that will support their pump and dumped ass.

    • All too true. Dating and marriage in the Western world (one dominated by the Feminine Imperative) is truly a sad prospect for everyone involved – but mostly the man.

      In the Eastern world (the “dreaded” Patriarchy), the men are respected, the women are cherished, families are important, and things are peaceful.

      Which is exactly why – one day soon – I shall finally have the means to bring the Eastern world here (or just go there – whichever).

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Ha, I cant wait. Bring some hot girls here while you are at it man.

      • That’s the idea – bring this country (in a localized, “off-the-grid” Kingdom) back to its former greatness… where men are men and work to achieve personal greatness, and where women are women, helping to make the home a haven, and not just a pit stop on the way back to work.

        I know most Western men long for the days when women were docile, respectful, feminine, and beautiful… not the loud, arrogant, man-like trolls that bitches in the West have become.

      • Erudite Knight says:

        Haha yeah, no wonder porn is such a booming industry. Who would give a shit about fat obnoxious bitches…where are the sex bots when you need one?

      • All the Benders are against robosexuality… until they find their Lucy Liu.

  3. idiotwriter says:

    I have been wondering for a few years as my son grows older – from living in a ‘third world country'(ha ha – they got it together better than here!!): How am I going to protect my son from the evil which woman has become?

    ‘Not just a pit stop on the way back to work’.Love that! I am a western woman by birthright, but have Africa in my blood. Woman have screwed it up from the beginning of time as far as I am concerned. I have these conversations with my teenage daughter – A LOT> it is a sad sad truth of the modern world. It doesn’t work.

    My ‘partner’ (as we are not legally married) says it well ‘Shitting on their own doorstep’. A man is the head of a household – for a reason. Why is that so hard to comprehend? Woman is his helper right? Does that mean she is to be treated with disrespect?

    Seems to be that woman in revolting against the ‘poor’ leaders in society have lumped all men into the same kind. I don’t think it is just a western problem – well it won’t stay that way. It is a matter of us all moving too far away from the basic principles of male and female as created to be in harmony with each other and society. We have moved away from our roots.

    I will stop there – I could go on endlessly. I sat and wrote about it for about 10000 words, and still…a lot left uncovered. The root of the problem: selfishness and greed maybe. A cycle: bad women made bad men made bad women made bad men…at the end of the day – it started with woman. But she won’t back down…it is too far gone. Breaks my heart – all I can do is teach my girls to be gentle and nurturing, and teach my boy to watch his father and learn, and keep his heart and lusts guarded from the temptress who wishes to ensnare him. My two cents 😉

    You have inspired me to continue to pursue my writing along these lines again! Just because.

    On a different note: Minecraft – adult sites where children can get in? This bothers me!! My son plays minecraft (obviously) any advice about parental controls of sorts regarding this game and servers? Sorry about the longest comment :/

    • No problem – I get them all the time. 😉
      Since your comment was sort of a “wall of text”, I broke it up a little for you – and closed an open parenthetical. It just makes it easier to read.

      Now, let me go waaay back to the top here and reply…
      How to protect your son from Western women? As a woman, there’s little you can do other than providing the best possible example of a lady that he can see. When he compares today’s loud, obnoxious bitch to his soft-spoken, feminine, fit, obedient, strong lady of a Mom at home, well… the comparison should make him ill at the prospect of being with the inferior bitch!
      The truest training and direction on these things should (of necessity) come from the Dad, whose example should be of the unassailable bulwark that man can be. The Dad should have strong values to teach his son inner defense against the bitches, but also strong game to help him set up an impenetrable outer defense against them. And if his son ever needs advice when your husband is unavailable (war, extended work commitments ), feel free to refer him to me or any other decent MGHOW online. (I would also recommend The Rational Male or Fedrz’ Blog.)

      Why is it hard to comprehend? Pride. Even ancient texts like the Bible say that it was the first sin, where it says that Lucifer (the Devil) said he would set his throne above Yahweh to sit in the sides of the North and was cast out of heaven for it. It’s no small leap to see what the “Garden of Eden” serpent was poking at when he told Eve that she’d be like a god if she ate the fruit… her PRIDE.
      The woman is man’s helper, but I like how the KJV worded it (when talking about Eve) – she was his help “meet” – meaning she was meet, or fitting. The perfect fit, as it turns out – women are the yin to our yang, the softness that balances out our strength, the emotion that balances out our logic. A proper lady is something to be cherished, not scorned. The problem these days, as you have noticed, is how few the ladies are in number when compared with the bitches.

      I’m glad whenever I can inspire someone to write – and doubly glad that you’ll be defending the ways of the lady. That is truly welcome news.

      As it pertains to the Minecraft community, none of them are really “adult” sites. And I hope you don’t take the “adult” to mean “porn” (which isn’t really possible in MC) or anything other than adult players. Most online players of MC are about 12 years old (on average), although the Creative portions of the game call to those adults among us that are old enough to remember LEGOs when they were just blocks, and didn’t have to have a “Star Wars” or “Batman” branding on them to get us to play with them. ;D

      The only real problem with online MC servers tends to be the language used in chat. On bad servers (even supposedly “adult” ones), there is no limit to how bigoted, prejudiced, or offensive the language can get, so I would suggest playing on his server for a bit and watching the chat to see if the kids are keeping a civil tongue (or being reprimanded/banned for not doing so).

      • idiotwriter says:

        I thank you for taking such time to reply to my (not so well formatted) comment 😉
        I am not even going to try to write a semi intellectual reply .
        I have been off researching, and my oh my – what an ugly miserable web has formed.

        I was unsure of some of the terms you used so relied on dear google to educate me 😀
        What I have found, is myself deep in the middle of something distressing beyond what I could have imagined it has become.

        I have seen the signs – it has scorched my soul. I have a deep desire to ‘put things straight’ as they were…yet I see so much reality in it that it terrifies me.
        You will now laugh at this – but it makes me miss my mans armpits even more!! (he is working away from home 5 days a week and we are trying desperately to get us all to his place of work)

        We have had so many ups and downs with our decision (children and schooling) but it keeps coming back to: The boy needs his daddy.
        So in this the answer has become crystal clear!

        I have read so much this evening, that the fire to write the book I have yearned to write is BLAZING! I AM MAD!

        Thank you – and keep up the good work for our MEN.

        About the minecraft: I was concerned about the ‘chat’ ethos of the site. I did ask him – he said they get banned …Your advice will be put into practice(he will be super chuffed if I play with him – I watch him but my head hurts trying to keep up =BLESS HIM!) 😀

        Oh – and here is a link to a good read (if you did not already know this site as you seem a pretty well informed kinda fellow.)

        I now know what an MGHOW is atleast!

        So much going on in the world – why on earth do these woman WANT to get involved in what men have to contend with in the world??

        Yet, as I read, I am confirmed in my stance that it is time for REAL woman to get involved, and back our men and say enough is enough!

        I am tired of some silly little girl giving my son flack at school, or some bitter spinster/slut giving my man a hard time (not that he takes it 😀 )

        There is sooooo much more to it all then basic things as I mentioned above: It is a collapse of society we speak of, the nature of things. The world that indicates to our young men that if they are TOO male there is something truly wrong with them. To be accepted by society they MUST be more female in their ways. How can this be?

        The trend- an almost cultish concept that has grown into a plague that threatens to overthrow normality, will be the downfall of MANKIND. This cannot be allowed to continue.

        I have feared the bullet in my head for such thoughts.

        It is time. You may not understand that. I do. That is what matters.

        The message is clear to me – you may be pleased to be the one who gave the green light 😉

        Oh and my youngest is old enough now to need me less…
        Please do edit this for me again 😉
        {{Better blog posts on the subject of Feminism substituted below!}}

        Flip – I am still processing your REPLY, never mind what I read through this afternoon!

      • It sounds like you’ve got the idea of what is going on in the manosphere and with Red Pill Theory.

        The fact is that it is long past time to act on these principles, and the only way to do so is to stay informed, resist the implementation of questionable practices/ideologies, and support your man! That is what truly makes a lady.

        You had found a link in your post above, but the author takes the “long way around” getting to his points, which ends up obfuscating them, and might even convince one that he is not entirely playing for the anti-feminist team. Needless to say, I’ll not have links like that on my blog.

        Here, however, are some really good, concise, to-the-point blog posts that you would likely get a lot out of reading, though. Enjoy. ^_^


      • idiotwriter says:

        No worries – still reading through it all 😉 I see what you mean about going the long way around. It was the current one I am was on so just shared it with YOU (not your blog so to speak) more for your opinion than anything else.
        I will look into the others in due course.

        Probably not tonight – I could sit reading all night but that would be counter productive…and my man is always saying I should get more rest 😉

        It is a hard pill to swallow, and to digest, and I believe there may be many off shoots of it that may lean to far one way or the other?
        But that is with everything.
        Would be pretty cool if we could all just get along as intended and respect each other for our individual strengths and weaknesses.

        It is good to have you to discuss it all with you (in a manner of speaking)
        I have my take on it obviously…which may lean a little toward a Faith based perspective and how we have strayed so far from how we were designed to function as male and female complimenting each other, which may or may not give a different slant on the whole topic.

        Not sure at this point honestly – still figuring out what the red pill theory?? What is it? Nevermind – i am sure I will find it in one of your links.
        Cheers 😀

      • If your man thinks you need more rest, it’s probably best to listen to him. After all, he’s right there to see what you likely need, and I am not. Just remember, everything in moderation! Too little rest, and you become fatigued and ill. Too much rest, and your muscles atrophy and you could even get bed sores!

        There are extremists wherever you turn – it’s true – but by and large, advocates of Red Pill Theory and Alpha living are men, which tends to make even the most extreme among us have at least the fundamentals be correct.

        I find that there are a lot of Faith-based individuals in the Red Pill movement, but I think that’s merely a matter of conveyance. It’s far easier to talk of God and Moral Absolutes when all you really need to convey is Truth and Absolute Truths. It’s the lowest common denominator/path of least resistance-way of getting the message out. And I’m not completely averse to Faith, either, as I’m an Agnostic.

        Red Pill Theory is merely the philosophy behind MGTOW and Alpha male living. It’s those things which women instinctively know, and would rather keep men from knowing. ;D

      • idiotwriter says:

        Lets just sum it up on a lighter note: Alpha males ROCK!! Show me ONE woman who can HONESTLY say that in all things being equal (respect compassion blah blah) she would not choose a man who knows what he wants in life over a little dude who can’t gently and respectfully keep his home family or LIFE in line.

        Ps – I was not questioning my mans point about rest – merely making a point with it 😉 And – he is gone five days a week! WHICH is why I don’t sleep much really 😦 Home tonight though 🙂

      • That’s one thing I think single guys don’t get about marriage (unless they go out for *shudder* LTRs)… your significant other is like a nice body pillow, and after a while, sleeping without that person there is truly distracting, even insomnia-inducing!

        My advice to single guys, however: GET A BODY PILLOW! XD (They’re cheaper, and when they lose their shape, you don’t have to pay alimony when you get a new one!)

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