New Words for the Week #2!

I’ve got a “Battle Plan” post coming up (concerning the writing of my book), but considering my procrastinational proclivities are pushing that post’s importance into “tomorrow” (Which, honestly, could be any time in the upcoming week.), I figured I’d at the very least keep up with my weekly commitment to improve your English vocabularies (as my faithful readers).

So, without any further ado, here are your three “dollar words” for this week (culled mostly from stand-up comedy, if I recall correctly – the last one being from a mispronounced word in a Billy Connolly set)…


Second Round (Astound your enemies!)

* solipsistic (sol-ip-sis-tik) – of or characterized by solipsism, or the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist

* farouche (fa-roosh) – fierce; sullenly unsociable or shy

* coprolaliac (kop-ruh-ley-lee-ak) – of or given to the obsessive use of obscene or foul language

Bonus round!  (all used in one sentence) – My date accused me of being farouche at the bar because of my coprolaliac vernacular, when in fact I had merely adopted a solipsistic mindset as a knee-jerk reaction to hearing about her clowder of cats at home.

{Bonus 50-cent word:  clowder (klou-der) – a group or cluster of cats}

That’s right, kiddies!  There’s more learning per square inch in my blog than there is in the average university’s English classroom!  That’s just a fact.  (Tune in for more next week.)

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