New words for the week!

As I’ve increased my online reading (a decent measure of my offline boredom) about tenfold over the past few months, I’ve happened upon writers with vocabularies just as extensive as mine… much to my utter bewilderment.  There have even been some cases (extremely rare, mind you) in which said writers have used words with which I’m unfamiliar.

O_O  <— the look on your face right now

So, as I’ve always been a huge fan of the English language (and its proper use, let’s not forget), I’ve decided to start a public (somewhat, considering my follower base) service here by listing some words every week to which even I (still, totally shocking) have just recently been introduced.  Consider it an advanced English vocabulary primer to keep your adult brains on their metaphorical toes.


First Round (Impress your friends!)

* virago (vi-rah-go) – a loud-voiced, ill-tempered, scolding woman; shrew

* canard (kuh-nahrd) – a false or baseless, usually derogatory story, report, or rumor

* fungible (fuhn-juh-buhl) – Law. (especially of goods) being of such nature or kind as to be freely exchangeable or replaceable, in whole or in part, for another of like nature or kind

Bonus round!  (all used in one sentence) – “The virago‘s canard that I would make for a completely fungible boyfriend was uttered merely because I refused to be hers!”
(For some odd reason, I could easily see Oscar Wilde saying this, though I just now made it up.)


So there you go, kiddies!  You may now more easily improve yourselves merely by reading my blog!  You’re welcome.  🙂

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