I hate Heat, Humidity, and feeling Old

And these last couple of days have been nothing but.  XP

Although the pain is 60% gone in my back (from the previous post), there’s now a stiffness and limited mobility there that I fear I may have to “over-medicate” in order to be able to perform my work tonight.  Add to that awfulness that I will at some point have to venture out into this jungle weather to do at least a triple load of laundry before work, and you can see why I’d much rather be on the already-published, works-when-convenient half of my writer’s timeline.

The worst part is that I know it’s my fault… for both things.  Living a sedentary lifestyle and neglecting to work out has likely led to the muscle spasm (or whatever) that caused my persistent back pain this week.  And procrastination and laziness (in general) over writing has left me without a completed manuscript to shop to publishers.  So, yeah – it’s my own damn fault.

That knowledge, of course, doesn’t tend to make days like this pass any faster or feel any better.  I’ve got to just grit my teeth, get through it, and remember to prevent it once I’m done with it.

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4 Responses to I hate Heat, Humidity, and feeling Old

  1. darlingdoll says:

    Hope you feel better soon!
    P.S. It’s nice to see someone take responsibility for their situation, although I expect that you typically always do. However, in this day and age of entitlement, victimhood and blame it certainly is refreshing.

    • Even though I tend to think my recovery would be quicker without the humidity, it’s probably just that I hate humidity.

      Other than that, it’s all me. Yeah.

      (Thanks for the well-wishes.)

  2. so i had to poop earlier… it was hot and steamy in there. i had to open a window not from smell but from heat. it is only the bathroom that is that hot. with the door open or not.
    anyway on with my poop. it was one of those tummy hurting get out of my way poops. the one that somewhat resembles regurgitated cornflakes minus the milk. and often times has a yellow tinge not from pee but from the radio active stuff i apparently eat… and yellow highlighters… i love highlighters. i used one just last night even… but it wasnt yellow it was pink. i finally decided on what tattoo i was going to get so i had to draw it out. speaking of drawing i am out of canvas… so this evening i am making techno. lol. it is a surprise present for fathers day to my husband… i know sounds dumb but i am actually going to sing on it. haha cause i sing like an angel, an angel of death. not an angle of death. i suppose that would be a 180 cause with a 90 i have a chance of landing on something. a 180 i would fall into the eternal nothings below. oh and we got kittens two of them. i should post a picture for you. 🙂 now that my night is free and my bowels. whahahaha. oh and i will be in your “neck of the concrete jungle” fathers day week. fyi. i am pretty sure you would be up to free food lol. ifffff there is any. now that i am off subject and teetering from topics could you comprehend this enough tonight? or should i rewrite it. lol

    • If you don’t stop proving my point that women largely lack the capacity for coherent logic, I am going to have to physically restrain you… you know, once you get here.

      (And for my readers, yes – this is the kind of even-more-obtuse-than-Sarah-Silverman type crazy women that I know and text with in real life. I’d start a line-up [<– term my Canadian readers will get, while everyone else pictures one-way glass in a police station facing a row of possible criminals] for lucid and cool women, but I'm pretty sure that would only consist of DD.)

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