Why Relationship Articles make me Angry

For those of you who have read my blog for any length of time, you’d probably be surprised that a man like myself would actually read relationship articles in the first place.  I mean, it’s not like I’m looking for one – far from it.

I’d say the main reason I end up fuming (most times) halfway through an article about relationships is two-fold.  I arrive at said article (typically) about fifty percent “because I want to see what the other side is telling their team” (sort of a Sun Tzu “Know thy enemy” kind of thing), and fifty percent honestly because of internet Wiki-walk tunnel vision (You know the situation: you’ve been clicking around Cracked for so long that you’re not really consciously aware of what article you’re clicking on, but it might have an interesting graphic, so you click on it, overlooking your aversion to the subject matter.).

At any rate, whether reading advice for females to see what society is shoving down their throats this week, or reading advice for males to see how society is actively seeking to turn us into “better Betas“, I find myself in a table-flipping sort of mood… generally before I’m halfway done with the article.

The more I reflect on it, the deeper my thought process becomes.  Am I angry that all the advice seems to want to turn women into players and men into mindless sheep?  Of course, but there’s more to it than that.

The awful Truth of the matter is that things tend to get worse and worse until they self-destruct… in nature and society.  Time kills everything.  The current state of dating and relationships was set in motion in this country a long time before I was born, and will likely not perish of its own volition in my lifetime.  Translation: It’s a downright horrible time to be a Real Man with ideals based on Truth.

Being a man who sets the standard of Truth up against relationships in this day and age is like being in love with a time period in which you were not born (which I also am, by the way)… let’s say “medieval times”, as it is my favorite.  Even if you could manage to secure the millions of dollars necessary to construct a full-scale, castled medieval city, the laws that would need to be implemented in order to maintain a society like that in that state would run contrary to most every country in which you could conceivably build such a thing.  So no matter how strong and awe-inspiring your crenelated walls are, you’re likely in the midst of a country that despises your brand of ethics and has way more guns and tanks than you have crossbows and catapults.  This country will, in order to appease its general population outside your walls, invade and/or destroy your city ere long, making it impossible to enjoy such a thing long-term.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the same is true of relationships in Western civilization where women are revered and men are scorned.  Even if you find that mythical creature known as “the perfect woman”, and even if she is genuinely submissive to both you and the Truth, it is only a matter of time before the feminist troops of both sexes appear at your relationship’s gates with the battering ram of misandry.  You may be the strongest man in the world (physically and emotionally), but your mythic angel lacks that inherent strength… and her gates will fall to the enemy – which will turn her into one of them.  And then you’re back to square one… typically with half your stuff.

If a true relationship ideal is impossible in the West, then what’s the point of relationship advice?  To make the best of a terrible situation?  To continue to fool both sexes into thinking there’s a pot of gold at the end of the feminist rainbow?

Either way, it makes me angry… and a little sad.  I mourn for a time that once was – and even though I fight for its return, I can’t help feeling like I’m part of a rebellion that’s doomed to fail.

This is why war wasn’t meant for women.  Men fight against losing odds, even if they know that their fight quite possibly is in vain – because our ideals and convictions drive us toward the betterment of all mankind, regardless of the cost.

I will do that until the day I die… because I have a son and two daughters that I want to see raised in a society where they can have a good relationship – free from the fear that all of society is poised to make it fail.

This is why I live.  This is why I fight.

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10 Responses to Why Relationship Articles make me Angry

  1. Last article? WordPress Reader shows no Title.
    This article? WordPress Reader doesn’t even show the article!

    I’m starting to think perhaps the Reader is biased against me.
    (If it were merely broken, I wouldn’t be seeing articles from other writers that came out after this one.)

  2. darlingdoll says:

    “I mourn for a time that once was – and even though I fight for its return, I can’t help feeling like I’m part of a rebellion that’s doomed to fail.”
    ~ I’m with you. The more I encounter bitchy, harpies, and their equal number of broken, beta men, the sadder I get for society. I want to have children, and I’m at the point where I need to make it happen because I’ve waited to long already, but I’m so unsure if I want to raise a child in this mess we call “equality” and “happiness.”

    • Well, if your husband is an Alpha (I’m guessing he is.), and I ever do make the millions of dollars necessary to construct the medieval city I described (which actually is my over-arching life goal), you both are more than welcome to become citizens there.

      I’ll be the King, of course, but all laws will be based upon the Truth. If enough right-minded individuals begin living there, we could basically deny access to the kinds of troublemakers, governments, and lawmakers that would ruin a proper family way of life and civilization.

      It would be a return to a simpler time, and I would have invested loads of money into minting our own gold, silver, nickel, and copper currencies. (I’ve actually put a lot of thought into the future medieval city of Xeresgate and how it would be run and ruled. Now all that remains is to transfer those thoughts entirely to print… and gather the funds necessary to make it a reality.)

      • darlingdoll says:

        Maybe your book will create the funds necessary to build the utopia…

      • I’d have to write several books, all of which would have to be more popular than Harry Potter was (as J.K. Rowling now has a net worth of $1 Billion).

        I conservatively estimate that to buy the land, set up the castle keep/throne hall, feasting hall, stone Globe theatre, court facilities, support buildings, and ramparts to surround them all (along with the initial purchase of metals for coinage)… I’d need roughly $5 Billion.

        Now all that remains is to write those books, I guess. X)

      • darlingdoll says:

        Oooorrrrr, Vegas. 😛

      • Yeah, no.

        The only thing I’ve ever won in my life was a free trip to Dairy Queen for paying the best attention in Bible camp when I was a kid. It was widely agreed upon that I wasted my winning by merely ordering a large chocolate shake.

      • darlingdoll says:

        That’s okay. All I’ve ever won was a book and a replica cryptex. I think I might have preferred the DQ shake

      • I’d prefer a nice $10 Billion.

        But at that age, I would’ve likely wasted it frivolously. (Not to mention that $10 Billion in the 80s would’ve made you a god of some sort.) XD

  3. On another related note, I posted a note in WP’s forum for “community support”, which supposedly just offers support given from the community of bloggers (and not the people actually running WP), about the problems I was having with my article(s) not showing up in Reader…

    And what do you know? This article now “magically” appears… many hours after its initial writing! >_<

    The previous article still appears without a title, though, which is odd. <_<

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