To all the Mothers…

To all the Mothers out there who tend to their husbands, homes, and children in their every waking hour, I wish you a sincere Happy Mother’s Day.

Every time you please your husband, it’s your honor.
Every time you clean a room, it’s your diligence.
Every time you fix a delicious meal, it’s your talent.
Every time you comfort your children, it’s your compassion.
Every time you clean and dress your children, it’s your fortitude.
Every time you make yourself pretty for your husband, it’s your femininity.
Every time you defer to and act in submission to your husband, it’s your grace.
Every time you make sure sundries are in good supply, it’s your industriousness.
Every time you teach your children the wonder of the world around them, it’s your glory.
Every time you greet your husband with a kiss and warm smile at the door, it’s your hospitality.


And to all those “women” among you that are married with kids and don’t do any of the above – not only are you not a Mother (Strictly speaking, you’re merely someone that had a kid and perhaps retains a husband some-crazy-how.), but I wish you every hardship in life (which naturally befalls the “working” woman anyway, so that’s hardly a stretch) until you do start fulfilling your womanly duties in marriage!

Mother’s Day is for recognizing those blessed women among us who sincerely act in a feminine capacity to their utmost, and honor the sacred calling of “Mother” by being an apt, submissive wife and mother.  The rest of you are sullying the face of motherhood, and I will tell you that you are doing so directly to yours!

Happy Mother’s Day – to all the real Mothers out there!  ^_^

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14 Responses to To all the Mothers…

  1. Anyone else notice that the Title to this blog entry isn’t showing up in the Reader listing? o_O

    Is that weird to anyone else?

  2. LindaGHill says:

    What about we single mothers? Do we count as mothers?

    • I’d say that a single mother is more of a contradiction in terms, for two reasons: the kind of Mother I’m referring to is also a wife, and she is able to be a full-time stay-at-home Mom.

      Other than somehow independently wealthy single women, it would be literally impossible for a single mother to even be half a Mother by this definition, as she would (of necessity) have to enter the workforce in order to provide for her child(ren).

      Considering there is a percentage of single mothers who are not in that condition through any fault of their own (e.g. – divorced from a physically abusive spouse or a widower), it is not necessarily a condition with an obligatorily negative connotation… even though they do not fit the traditional definition of Mother in this circumstance.

      For the women who (through no fault of their own) must embark upon single motherhood, I have the utmost of pity. It is a lonely and wearying endeavor, and I truly do wish that they may find the comfort of a husband before having to remain so indefinitely.

      • LindaGHill says:

        Hmmm. It seems there is one possibility you have overlooked. Being the single mother of two disabled kids, the government (of Canada) and my child support from my ex together provide me with enough money that I am able to stay at home full time and look after them. So again, does that make me a mother? Or not?

      • That is the economically independent situation I referred to, which (fortunately for you) allows you to be a stay-at-home mom.

        And again, the biological definition of motherhood is merely a woman who has had children. You fit that definition.

        The traditional definition of Mother (You will note that, throughout, I capitalize this version – it is a sign of respect for the position.), however, is a full time Mom who is also a wife. Currently (by what you’ve described), you do not fit that definition.

        I hope that clears things up.

      • LindaGHill says:

        So then, by your definition I am sullying the face of motherhood and don’t deserve to have a happy mother’s day…. because I look after my kids 24/7 with no support?

      • Nope.

        By my definition, you are not a Mother.

        While you are (by your story, which I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt on) stalwartly filling the role of mother, the Mother’s day to which I refer does not technically apply to you.

        And the women to whom I refer in the last part of the blog are married moms who either neglect to fulfill the proper role of wife, or mother, or both. Sadly, there are plenty of their ilk in the world.

        While neither of you are by definition Mothers, you are (thankfully) doing the best that you can as a single mother… which is a good thing. And again, I hope for you (and all single mothers actually doing a good job of raising their children) the comfort and stability of a good husband before too long, so that you may take up the duty and honor of being a Mother.

  3. darlingdoll says:

    Is it okay if I borrow parts of this for a post? Credit to you of course 🙂

  4. Well, I believe that mothers are mothers regardlessof social status or if they have a husband. A woman is a mother to kids, not to a man, so I am unsure why you feel Linda is not a mother here. I read and understand your words, but miss the logic. As a man who was adopted and given up by a woman, I would kill to have any type of “mother” of blood that cares. Fortunately for me my adopted mother is a good mom, but even she would fit your description of a “mother.”

    • That should say “would not fit your description. “

      • My mom and I had this same conversation, as even she does not fit the description of Mother. She falls into the category of “not her fault divorced” mother. We have agreed to disagree.

        What you guys are failing to comprehend is that the capitalized Mother is an honorific indicative of those breeders in our culture who are also companions. It is a more difficult undertaking; and to those who fill the office well, they are very much deserving of the extra respect.

        I realize in our current “participation trophy” zeitgeist, that everyone that can merely squeeze out a kid wants to be honored as if they’ve accomplished all that the few actual Mothers of our day have, but that is something you earn. It’s like saying that every athlete should be recognized as a triathlete, when they all clearly are not. It’s a matter of honor.

        Some women, like my mom, lose it through no fault of their own. That’s like being the world record holder of a record that has since been broken. Does it wipe away your past record of Motherhood? Absolutely not! But does it mean that you are currently the world record holder? Also, no. Like the record holder, you can always regain that honorific if you once again take hold of the record (in this case, a husband).

        We are in a society that stands or falls on a strong family unit, and we seem to have long since forgotten that. That cohesive unit should rely on one protector, one nurturer, and at least two progeny to replace their forebears in society. It’s a sometimes cold, economic truth about civilizations, but we only truly thrive when we can multiply and remain strong.

        And that depends upon the family. The Mother is an integral part of that… and is worthy of double honor for her double part.

        I’m not saying that mothers that do what they do alone don’t have a difficult time of it, and I can appreciate that. But this is a question of title. Not all congressmen are senators, but all senators are congressmen. It’s that little extra honor, and yes, I do believe Mothers have earned that.

      • Yep, like I said I get your argument I just don’t agree with it in reference to mothers. To each their own though.

      • Indeed.

        And in our current Western society, it’s not hard to understand why most people would not agree with the mother vs Mother argument. It’s a sign of our collapsing civilization.

        And by the way, though I’m a father, I myself don’t fit the Father honorific either. I’m divorced because of my cheating whore of an ex-wife. If you think I like this particular brand of Truth, you’d have to be crazy!

        But the Truth is the Truth because it is true regardless of how we feel about it. If I ever have a wife and cohesive family unit once more that I’m the sole provider for, then I’ll be a Father again. Until then, I’m happy just being a daddy. And I know my kids (and from her report – Linda’s) will someday recognize the hardship of my situation now and appreciate it.

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