Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

After a few comments I received following yesterday’s blog posting, I felt it necessary to further focus the Truth beam on it – so after this post, there will be a pinpointed laser on the subject of public servants.

Let there be no misunderstandings about how I feel about men in the family and men in general: we were born to lead, not impotently follow.  A public servant is not a man who “serves” women, but a man who leads his electorate.  Whether this man be president, a congressman, or even a military man, he is there to lead the fight against tyranny and injustice – as only a man can do.

The man’s place in the home is to lead his family, and a home without a strong father figure is a weakly-led unit indeed.  Women, at best, can lead by emotion which is fit only for young children.  Eventually, our country’s children must learn strength, resolve, fortitude, logic, wisdom, and truth… and no sex is better suited to teach these lessons than the male one.

Furthermore, the woman’s place in the home is in support of her husband, not vice-versa.  A leader is not a leader who shares command.  If a man and woman wish to have an “equal partnership” in the home, you will have anarchy – as there will be no true leader.  A woman is best fit to tend to the raising of small children, and making sure that the home is in proper order so that everything is welcoming to her husband when he arrives home from working to provide the comforts that she and his children enjoy.

The woman is the servant of the husband, and not by constraint… because she realizes that her work at home and with the children is fair trade for the husband’s hard labor on the job.  In a perfect world, it would be because she also loves him and appreciates his enduring the deficit of her company and the children’s company in order to sustain their lives.

The husband gives of his love to the wife, as she is the weaker vessel – to be handled with care and kindness.  The wife gives her husband the respect and devotion that one would naturally expect someone to pay to the person under whose auspices and protection one lives well for free.

This is how marriage works… when everything is in its proper place.  The sad social fact of the matter is that people have stopped accepting the Truth of this arrangement, and women – en masse – have set about to dethrone their husbands, take over the leadership reins which they are neither entitled to nor are able to handle, and lead our families into ruination.  Our over 50% divorce rate in America is living, wicked proof of that.

As a people, as a nation, and as a society, we need to shake off the idea that servitude equates to slavery.  One serves because one loves (or at least appreciates) the one (or ones) they serve.  That, and they get paid and loved in return.  Women in the home are not a workforce, they are a treasure.  It’s high time women returned home to where they are loved and appreciated, and quit complaining about men in general… you’d all find your lives a lot simpler and far more loving if you did.

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7 Responses to Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

  1. rougedmount says:

    this is as accurate as it is inflammatory and politically incorrect…

    • The Truth is only inflammatory to those who would fight against it, and to be “politically incorrect” these days is to have an actual thought in one’s head that isn’t born of the social consciousness of the day.

      The zeitgeist is killing us as a nation, and we will never heal again until more men realize that and publicly turn away from that awful spirit.

  2. darlingdoll says:

    Beautifully stated. Your writing is incredibly eloquent. I could not agree with this post more. It’s a tragedy that society as whole has forgotten that the feminine attracts the masculine, that there is strength in femininity, and that strength never competes with masculine strength but compliments it.

    • The coincidental shame is that women have forgotten that the strength in femininity is femininity itself… that delicacy and natural frailty that inspires real men to love and protect them.

      Men will teach our children strength, and women will teach them vulnerability. Without one, we become weak. Without the other, we become cold and dispassionate. You women are the yin to our yang, and we are meant to raise complete children together.

      A real woman’s support is not something that a real man needs, but something that a real man will always love… and a real woman respects her man enough to cheerfully offer it.

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  4. thebigpappy says:

    My question is, how did our fathers let this happen? Were they cowards, leaving the hard task of being a man aside in exchange for comfort and security?

    • I’m more inclined to think the super-rich got greedier.
      If they could only convince women that they needed to be in the workforce, then they could double the common workers.
      If it was commonplace to have both people in a couple working, then production would go up and they could charge double for things.

      I’m not sure whether that’s entirely greedy Socialism or Capitalism, but it’s definitely a bit of both. XP

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