Brief Thought for today

The measure of a man is often how much you can do with what little you are given.

The less you have to begin with, the greater the man you are… to make much of it.

I am amazed at how often men born to wealth and power will make absolutely no use of it.
And I am in awe of those men not so favored by Fate, who nonetheless dig in their heels, refuse to give up, and make greatness from poverty.

I’ve often said that for America to have a truly great president, it would have to be a man for whom a $300K/year salary is not a pay cut, but a blessing… a man honored to serve, and not merely be served.

This ended up being less brief than I intended, but what the hey.  Good stuff, all the same.

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4 Responses to Brief Thought for today

  1. lala1966 says:

    best thing I have ever read from you! Excellent!

    • While the Narcissistic writer in me would take issue with this being the best thing I’ve ever written, it needed to be said all the same.

      Public servants too often forget that they hold office to serve the public, and not their own self-interests, vanity, and need for recognition.

      • lala1966 says:

        I very rarely agree with you but I read and respect your blog all the same. I admire anyone with the balls to stand up for their opinions even when they are nit popular

      • That’s the difference between mere opinion and conviction.

        Opinions you may occasionally keep to yourself, but convictions are those things you would die for. This is how I feel about the Truth. There are certain things worthy of defending with one’s life.

        Men like me used to be called patriots. Now, today’s feminized society refers to us as the fringe. It’s a sad commentary on a society that no longer knows how to rule itself.

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