Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cameo

This likely doesn’t have anything to do with anything (as most things in my subconscious don’t), but Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a cameo in the short dream I just had.  I would say he co-starred, but his character didn’t start off as JGL, so I count it as a cameo.

So I’m in what I’m assuming was my bedroom (for the intent and purpose of the dream), and one of my two friends there (both of whom are black – I’m guessing because I’m subconsciously missing my Baltimore crew) is sitting there on the edge of my bed, showing me the underside of one of his shoes.  He’s colored-in some of the grooves (in some unearthly green shade) so that it says: “OZ”.  He asks me and my other friend if we can tell it’s not black (the shoe grooves) around the edges.  (I’m guessing so he won’t get in trouble with teachers, as I’m obviously in high school or something in this dream.)  I shrug, as I don’t even know why he’s doing that to his shoes!

He then reaches over to me to turn up my heel and says, “Yo, yet me see your shoe, brah.” (looking to see if I could possibly do the same thing to mine with the grooves I had)  My shoe had criss-crossing black and white and orange slashes on the bottom, so they wouldn’t work, and I shrugged again – this time in an “Oh, well – we tried!” kind of way.  The dream-cam cuts to his face and then he’s like: “Oh no no no, man – you could do it, see?”  When I looked back to my heel, it was mostly white grooves, wherein one could easily Sharpie-in the letters “O-Z”.

“So what are you doing this for, anyway?  Who’s Oz?” I asked, assuming it was a nickname for a sports guy, as I never did follow sports.  He just smiled an all-too-familiar “Oh, this silly cracka,” grin to my other friend, who just shook and lowered his head, amused.  Now, I really wanted to know.

“What?  Who is Oz?”  A flash of possible brilliance hit me.  “What – are you doing it for that new James Franco movie?”  (Which I still haven’t gotten to see, and want to, by the way!)  At this point, he turned into Joseph Gordon-Levitt just to laugh at me.  (Seems like a bit much for a black friend to turn white just to mock me, but I digress.)  Both of my friends were laughing at me now – and the other was starting to resemble Kenan Thompson… and his fat was jiggling, he was laughing so hard.

“What?” I started to get exasperated.  “Who is Oz? …  What is Oz?  …How is Oz?”  I asked a silly question to defuse the fact that the original one was silly to them.  They stop laughing and JGL is just doing that “this silly muthafucka” grin while shaking his head.

At this point, he begins picking some thin black webbing off of the bottom of his shoe – which, I guess, is some kind of dirt.  I grab it from him and threaten, “You better tell me, or you’re gonna get a Fuzz Man-Chu ‘stache!” (indicating I’d be putting the dirt-webbing on his upper lip)  He just kept shaking his head, obstinately amused, so I tackled him and got behind him, pressing the “Fuzz Man-Chu” to his face.  Joseph was laughing, “You’re a Fuzz Man-Chu!  Talking ’bout don’t even know what Oz is!”

“Tell me!” I raised my voice.  At this point, I lucidly became aware of actual outside noises – far off traffic and birds – through my open, actual bedroom window.  “Ha!  Now you’ll never know!” Joseph taunted me.  He knew I was waking up, but I was fighting it.

“No!  Tell me!”  Joseph laughed and pointed at me as streams of ascending light formed around my body, as if I were being teleported into the waking world from inside my own head.

NOOOOOOO!!!” I yelled – eyes shut – clutching my fists in rage.


I awoke, remarkably refreshed.  ^_^

Anyhoo, if you’re feeling like it (readers), feel free to attempt to interpret this one.
Or just have yourself a nice, boring Thursday.  Whatever.

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4 Responses to Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cameo

  1. darlingdoll says:

    Did you recently watch Looper or Third Rock? Maybe that’s why…I have crazy, vivid dreams too.

    • I own Looper (the only DVD I’ve ever bought from a guy on a subway – $5!), but it’s been a while since I’ve seen him in anything except that one SNL he hosted a while back.

      So, yeah – no idea where he came from, although that would explain Kenan Thompson being there.

      I also think it’s weird that my subconscious was plugging a current movie. Normally, it won’t remind me of things like that until they’re out of theaters! ^_^

  2. i had a dream my cat named coffee could understand english and spanish. he could open fridges and get his own food all without thumbs. he was kinda cool until he tried to kill me in my sleep. i believe this had to do with my husband getting a gash on his head though from the coffee table and blaming it on the cat.

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