Graphic Gamebook #1 is Updated!!

At long last, the fifth heading to “Welcome to Xeresgate (The Arregret Prequel)” is complete, and now I am revealing all four new headings in the newly-updated Word file on the Graphic Gamebooks page!

The story is just zipping right along, so don’t forget to use your Stat/Item page to keep track of your hero Prince Michael’s progress, download the new Word file to follow the story, and definitely don’t forget to comment here on this post on which choice you’d like the prince to make in the story.

For now, I’m able to write multiple paths at once, but once the story gets farther along, I will only be writing the path with the most support behind it (and filling in the rest later).  So, to make sure that the branch you like reading the most gets written in order for you to read it, be sure to comment for your favorite one!  And don’t forget to have your votes for the next path in before Saturday, April 20th!

See you in Xeresgate!!  ^_^

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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6 Responses to Graphic Gamebook #1 is Updated!!

  1. Ok, I will use you as a wall to motivate me. Bouncing my ball off you… I really need to buckle down this weekend and get my book knocked out as well. [draws inspiration from you]

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