Fun with Brooklyn Craigslist R&R morons…

Okay, so my interest in idiots can sometimes be a bit distracting.  But without me, who’d be there on the R&R boards with common sense?  (Rant and Rave?  More like Ritalin and Regurgitation!)  XP

Anyhoo… here are some posts I’ve responded to (post link first, response link second).  You’ll likely have to read them soon because these things age (and are deleted) quickly.

Miss Pay Me because I Think I’m Pretty:
The original post was taken down (that had her pictures in it), but trust me – she was no treat to look at.  And I pretty much re-quoted her entire post in mine, so here’s the Reply:

Mr. Using a Gift Certificate gives me the right to be a Cheap-Ass:

Mr. I’m Too Good for Rent, so I’ll Stop Paying my Old Landlady: and

I’m not sure why I reply to these morons.  I know they’d never take real advice, but still… it’s nice to vent on idiots from time to time.  Hopefully, it gives them less courage to BE idiots.  XP

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6 Responses to Fun with Brooklyn Craigslist R&R morons…

  1. darlingdoll says:

    I like the last one the best 🙂 Most people have no idea how the eviction process works when it comes to renters, lol.

    • I know; and having been on the other end of a court summons myself (due to a misunderstanding that I had to go to court to clear up), I know it’s no walk in the park.

      I swear – sometimes I think big cities are just full of low-lifes like the OP, but then I realize that with a higher population, there’s bound to be (at least percentage-wise) a lot more dirtbags. R&R just gives these jack-offs a megaphone (which is unfortunate).

  2. i totally feel el cheapo gift certificate person was the waiter who didnt get the tip and wanted to call out the hipster

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