Update: The Birth of “Graphic Gamebooks”!

So, what started as a simple writing exercise (self-imposed exercise… what next?!?) has inspired me to make a series of books along the lines of a long-ago passion of mine… Gamebooks.

Remember those books you used to read back in the 80s and 90s with different choices and adventures to follow (some with dice and item sheets, etc.)?  Well, now I’m writing one (possibly several).

In fact, I’m so stoked about the idea that I’ve made an entirely separate page on my blog for housing them!  If I even get three dedicated reader-commenters, then that will be enough daily feedback for me to continue this work and series in earnest.  I hate to say it, but this may very well be the next-gen (and yet, old-school) Choose Your Own Adventure.

It might as well be.  My kids have shockingly few cool books to read these days, and that’s how all the truly good series started out – be they Packard or Tolkien.

So, check out the new page, read the new stuff (which automatically DLs as Word documents for now – sorry about that), and let’s get this feedback train out of the station!  Next stop: Awesome Town!  ^_^

P.S. – If you are a comic artist trying to get his/her name out there and would like to illustrate any of the passages of my book(s), feel free to send me a picture (and what passage you think it illustrates)!  If I like it, I’ll include it with future issues of the book and credit you as the artist accordingly.  I’ll even throw in a link to any page you own with your work on it to help you further network/advertise!  It’s not a bad way to get your name out there as an artist, if you ask me.  😉

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2 Responses to Update: The Birth of “Graphic Gamebooks”!

  1. So to add my comment again. You know I am a totally awesome web comic drawer 😉

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