Crazy Interactive Writing Project #1!

Normally, I don’t open my writing process up to input from others, but I’ve decided to do something unprecedented.  I’ll keep a moderate rein on it, but I will open the floor for “CYOA”-type input… and maybe a few fill-in-the-blank bonuses if there is enough response/interest.

Ready?  Okay, here we go

The setting?  The royal city of Xeresgate, built by the good King Arregret the Mighty.  Since the devastation wrought by the last magic wars, he has kept all magics under close scrutiny and regulation… when they aren’t just flat-out prohibited.  His only son, Prince Michael, is his most precious treasure – and he takes a very active, masterful role in his upbringing and training.

King Arregret has managed (with the obedient assistance of his wife, Queen Angeline) to hide the prince’s ancestry from him, as both the king and queen come from the Thunder Clan – a very powerful, talented cadre of Electromancers.  The king has chosen to raise the prince to be strong in a conventional – vice magical – way, hoping to instill a benevolent character in the prince before revealing the latent power within him (as Electromancy has been known to be a quickly corrupting influence in youths).

The king has decided that Prince Michael will undergo rigorous training – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  However, what King Arregret decides his son must learn today is up to you.

He must train physically, and the choices are: felling trees/chopping wood in the nearby forest (raises Strength, Humility), swordfighting training with the Captain of the Guard (raises Mass Combat skill, Nobility), and grappling/martial arts with the Dojo sensei (raises Singular Combat skill, Agility).

He must train mentally, and the choices are: ancient language training with the royal Advisor (raises Intellect, Understanding), guqin playing lessons (raises Legerity, Patience), and focused listening to the royal symphony orchestra perform (raises Multi-Thinking, Serenity).

He must also train spiritually, and the choices are sitting in with his father to hear public audiences with the king (raises Governance, Compassion), sitting in with his father to hear concerns of the court (raises Authority, Diplomacy), and accompanying his father to the Barracks rounds (raises Austerity, Charisma).


So, basically, you have three choices to make (in the comments, of course).  How should Prince Michael be trained physically?  How should he train mentally?  And how should he train emotionally?  Make your votes, and the story will continue according to the majority (or in the absence of any votes – my personal whim) on April 16th!

This should be pretty cool.  🙂

About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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5 Responses to Crazy Interactive Writing Project #1!

  1. Momie dearest says:

    Sword fighting, symphony orchestra, kings court…….good to see you wtiting again….Love Mom

    • I never really stopped, if you count this blog. (I typically don’t.)

      Still (considering this is the only place I tend to write consistently), it wouldn’t hurt to put a little “prequel” to the actual book’s storyline here, I figure.

      Nice to see you’ve (kinda) made it into the computer age, Mom. I award you +5 Internets. 😉

  2. UPDATE: This story will be moved to the Graphic Gamebooks page, where the votes for selected paths will be counted individually.

  3. being a lumberjack, falling asleep listening to music, and imitating cartman with respecting his athoriti and diplomacy.

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