The Mother of all Turn-arounds

If you know me personally, you’re probably aware that I think I’m charming in person.  I’m not typically what one would refer to as a skirt-chaser (AKA some hair-gelled-up douchenozzle – or, “bastard”), and I don’t push the ladies for dates.  I’m just naturally cool and complimentary… and generally know enough to perceive when said flirty vibes come back my way.

Well, as my faithful readers will attest (by having read my last post), I was in a funk this morning.  It was so bad, that my body was screaming at me to just take yet another work-related mulligan and not go in for the second half of a test I needed to take for a local certification.  I was literally five minutes away from succumbing to my own mental suggestion, when the realization that it would be another week before I could take the same class again hit me.  And that clashed very abruptly with my future wishes to be able to eat in that same week.

So, I managed to overcome my own funk and my own bent toward drop-out-of-it laziness and just go take the stupid class.  I mean, I’d already paid for it anyway.

The class was boring as all get-out (as usual – with the Ben Stein-esque instructor assigned to us), but my luck began to turn around therein.  One of the hot ladies in the class that I’d shot a few mischievous looks at… was returning them.  She’s a short little thing (so, typically against my dating policy), but her Trinidadian booty just wouldn’t quit, so I was definitely on-board for some shenanigans.

To make a long story short (for the first time ever) – I aced the exam, she shared a couple sips of “the creature” (Irish guys know what I’m talking about.) with me, and then I got her number before we parted ways.  She was telling me how she was already planning to have me over on a specific date that she named in the future – which was honestly a first for me.

Truth be told, had I walked with her, there could have been more shenanigans to be had… with far fewer clothes.  But I haven’t had a “real” shower in a couple of days, so I was feeling icky.  (Yeah, guys get like that too, believe it or not.)

I’m just saying… hell of a turn-around, don’t you think?  >:)

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