Welcome Back to the World of Alarms

I had to set an alarm this morning to be able to get up early – for the first time in a long time.

I’d almost forgotten how much I hate them.  Almost.
Still, I managed to remember how much I enjoy the snooze button… so there’s that.

*yawn*  Well, on with my day…

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10 Responses to Welcome Back to the World of Alarms

  1. LindaGHill says:

    How early is early?

    • “Early”, by my definition, is: any time before I would have otherwise normally awoken.

      When I was younger, I described it as 0400 – those early pre-dawn hours when we’d get up to do ridiculous things in the military… or when (even younger) we’d wake up for the church van ride to summer camp.

      Nowadays, it’s pretty much just any hour before 1100. (Although today it was 0700.)

  2. bahahaha i am a lamb. and i still cant stay asleep… i woke at 4am today. the weirdthingis so did everyone else. it was like some sonic crash bam boom woke us from a nice subconscious dream.
    btw i quit my job today so thank god i dont have to deal with that waking up shit anymore.

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