The Weekender

Okay, the first weekend since my “Independence Day” is over.  I went and saw Jim Jefferies on Friday (which was awesome, by the way).  Then the rest of the weekend, I just kind of “vegged out”.

Oh!  I also found out that my room’s roof has a leak – which actually woke me up (the sound, not the nasty roof water).  Fortunately, it was leaking on the floor, and not any electronics that I have scattered about the room, but still – made me thankful that I have that renter’s insurance just in case.  That reminds me – I’m going to text my landlord to see if his Dad that was going to “come over and look at it” will be fixing that roof hole today.  Let’s hope so.

To do list for today: upload the remainder of my Microsoft Office 2007 to my SkyDrive so that I can have Final Draft 8 and Word on my Surface, go do some laundry and get some writing done while I wait, and get some groceries and incidentals from Target.  We’ll see how much I get done.  (On a side note, I miss seeing the goofy rednecks at Walmart.  They don’t have any Walmarts in NYC, so there’s no one to laugh at while I shop at Target like a bourgeois, trendy sheep.  *frowny face*)

Also: Screw you, Microsoft!  Did you know that they’re now making access to their newest Office programming on a paid subscription basis?  REALLY, Microsoft?!?  You want me pay constantly to get all the “fancy” features of WORD?  You avaricious twits!  No one worth a damn is going to fall for that.  XP  Ugh.

And sorry, Mom – it needed to be said.  If it makes you feel any better, I censored the heck out of myself just then.

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5 Responses to The Weekender

  1. LoL… Microsoft called and said that you owe them $100 for mentioning their name in your post! 🙂 lmao…

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