Well, it’s been over 24 hours since I sent out my last email to my “friends” and teachers I respected.  Friends is in quotes, of course, because exactly zero of them responded.  Turns out writers are even more disingenuous than actors.  Fine.  It really doesn’t matter, because I never read anything from a one of them that was on par with anything I write anyway, so I’m not really losing any peers – just my lessers.

But of the two (out of three, unfortunately) instructors that replied, I was most comforted by… let’s call him “Rick”.  (If we ever do any business, I’ll ask if I can reveal his name to my meager following.)  From the moment I entered his class, he struck me as the kind of sharp cookie that was incredibly out of place (at the place which shall not be named).  He has a dry smile that you don’t ever completely know how to read – it could be sarcastic or it could be genuine.  Add to that that he seems to be every bit as cynical and misanthropic as I am, and you have a formula that adds up to someone I could possibly respect for a lifetime.

The fact that he said (and out of pure Narcissism, I have to quote) – “I’m saddened to learn you are gone.  You were one of the more passionate an[d] intelligent students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching.  Your pitch was as fully developed and imaginative as many of the best fantasy screenwriters in the biz,” just fills me with hope for the future and added inspiration to keep writing.  I’m glad he’ll miss me, because I know I’ll miss him.

I’m giving myself the day off today because I’m going to see Jim Jefferies later tonight in Manhattan (after getting a primary care physician at the VA), and I just want to completely enjoy one last non-work-related thing before I throw myself headlong into this writing art.

Stay tuned, kiddies… this will be one to watch.

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2 Responses to Aftermath

  1. nyelome says:

    Broadly speaking I’ve learned it is best to appropriate friends and passions into two different categories. Very seldom does that dangerous combination achieve unity. In the rare circumstance it does though – oh man you have yourself not a friend, not a best friend, but a BUDDY. ( I use this in the military context, given my background. ) By buddy I mean: A spiritual follower, someone who you can hurl aggravation and intellectual insult at – and they’ll lovingly stomp your face into the ground, proceed to pick you back up after that and offer you a hose to clean up. Essentia: You will take a bullet for them and they will take a bullet for you.

    I’ve stopped attempting to get my true friends to read my writing – usually it’s a source of more consternation and argument than actual debate or useful rubber-band acquisition of ideas. Don’t forget the little people get the big people where they are though. Without little people you would be a big fish in a pond full of big fish – i.e. nothing.

    As such, after two articles it would be poignantly obvious to anyone that you have a decent brain sitting within that capacious ornament of a skull we humans are cursed to wear. Always refreshing to see someone who sees the world rather than looks at it.

    Look forward to reading more.

    • I believe you are describing what is currently referred to as a “bro”. Not the Ed Hardy-wearing, hair gel-dripping, douchenozzles you see at the average club… but a true brother.

      I have been fortunate to be blessed with ONE true brother in my lifetime, and it wasn’t the younger one my Mom brought into this world, either.

      But that’s a story for another time, perhaps…

      I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the reading here. I think I’ll get around to checking out all my new followers’ pages tomorrow after all this initial fervor dies down. I tend to follow blogs (in return) as long as the writing is interesting and not completely riddled with grammatical errors.

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