It is done.

Well, after having my mail client down (for about twelve hours!), I was finally able to put my seal of closure on my time at NYFA.  (Which name, hereafter, shall never be used again.)  I sent my last official email out to friends and instructors I liked, and will be relying on word-of-mouth alone to spread the fact that I won’t be back.  It was upbeat and nice – and decidedly un-bridge-burny, considering the amount of vitriol I still keep inside for the place.

I mean, I paid the stupid rental in cash!  Just give me back my CASH from two days ago without having to make me take a stupid cashier’s check to Chase, you unprofessional assholes!!  I didn’t hand YOU a fucking errand when I paid you!  What, do you think you’re better than me?!?

*deep breath*


Sorry.  Just the last on a looong list of irritations having to do with that place.

But it’s over now, so I’m moving the hell on.  I’ll be getting my book done this month, and looking for work whenever I’m not looking for a manager/agent next month.  For my avid readers/fans of my life, feel free to cheer me on.

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