Onward and Upward!

Just to let you guys know, I just received my new Windows Surface Pro (with Windows 8) via UPS today.  I think I’m one of the first people to get one because when I went to order them back when they were supposed to come out in the first part of February, the Microsoft website was already saying that they were not in stock… and I checked, seriously, the first day.

Now… what does this mean to me personally/professionally?

Technically, nothing.  BUT… I am going to be using this new (light, thank goodness – my current laptop is a monster!) laptop/pad for work only!  That means that it has to either be something I’m writing or filming (with, I guess, the built-in cameras) that will go toward establishing me as an actor or writer, or I’m not using it!

That’s right… no games, no weird apps, not one shred of porn… I’m serious as all get-out!  This new Surface will be a whole new chapter… well, in my making of whole new chapters.

So, Daddy’s got an upgrade, ladies and gentlemen!  Stay tuned for great things…


About Emperor Lu Bu

The Emperor of Xeresgate - if you wish to know more, read my words.
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