Quick Thought, Small Complaint

Well, it’s nearly 5 a.m., and my body’s already decided I’ve had enough sleep before my big day of shooting, directing, and acting.  (Seriously?  Screw you, body!)  I figured I might as well hop on here and give my one loyal reader (my Mom) something to look at later on… which is pretty much why I refrained from cussing at my body just then.

As anyone who’s read before knows, I’m a procrastinator.  And to my Mom: I know you were rooting for me as it pertained to my personal to-dos, but no – I neither went to Target nor walked my laundry two blocks in the cold and dead of night after a too-long extended day of shooting with another writer/director in my group.  I was tired, and I’m human.  So technically, I guess it had a little less to do with my being a serial procrastinator this time.

But while I’m still thinking about my readership, here’s my complaint: either WordPress is completely misrepresenting the hits I’m getting on this blog, or else I’m getting a LOT of disingenuous “likes”.  And the latter (pardon me, Mom) really pisses me off!  How are you, a fellow blogger, going to go around “liking” things that you’ve never even READ?!?

This is how I picture it: I tag something “inspiration”, let’s say.  Some schmuck bloggers come along and do a search for their favorite tags and find me at the top of their lists as the most recently written.  Instead of actually reading the blog (giving me a hit) to find out whether or not they actually like it or not, they just throw it a quick “like” because of the topic!  This benefits these buttholes in two (very shady, blog-wise) ways: 1) If they’re on Headliner – a WordPress-sponsored “interest generator” (which, incidentally, I’ve yet to see follower #1 come from) – then they earn some “Karma cash” for themselves.  If ever I was tempted to misuse the word “irony”…  and 2) They end up getting me to wonder just who the !@#$ they are, and so I click on the new like star, and they get another hit (while I’ve gotten none)!

Well, buddy boy, the latter of those two is gonna stop right flippin’ now!  If you want to throw me a fake “like” on my blog without actually reading it, then (again, pardon me, Mom) you can kiss my ass!  If these strangers want me to go read their blog (from now on), then they’d better start following me… and from the crap I’ve read on other blogs by this point, I am definitely more worth it!

Okay, so it ended up being a large complaint.  I’ll just do some sit-ups and try to forget about it.

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