Nothin’ but Update…

I worked out this morning.

Granted, I lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle (if you don’t count the occasional less-than-a-block “power walks” I do to class – which I don’t), so the 70 crunches and 30 twist-crunches probably don’t seem like much of a “workout” to one of you spandex-wearing never-sweating gym rats, but hey… this is me.  Baby steps.

And yes, it was all core strengthening, but give me a break – that’s where I end up carrying most of my weight anyway!

To be honest, I’m really just hoping that this exercise gives me enough of a mental boost to make it through our group’s first day of shooting.  No one in this school ever seems to really prepare – it’s as if my procrastination has caught on like a virus, and it has slowly spread to the entire student body.  (Did I ever tell you that I feel like my life is one of the Universe’s favorite “Truman Show“s to watch?)

And yes, I realize that in the short-short term (the time span of today, i.e. – before I can rest), my physical musculature has only gotten weaker, but like I said… I’m looking forward to the mental benefits.

If you’re looking for something inspiring here at the end… well… go work out!  It’s worth it, whether you feel like a sweaty blob at the end or not.  Odds are: tomorrow you will be a slightly healthier sweaty blob.  So, go for it!

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