Again with the Grind…

I woke up this morning with the same migraine I went to bed with.  Normally, I’d have over-medicated it into oblivion and went happily on with my day.  Unfortunately, I’m currently running low on my meds and there’s no guarantee that the VA walk-in clinic will give me enough – whenever I’m not busy being a full-time student this week – to last until my primary physician appointment in March.  So, the few meds I have left… I’m treating like gold.

I swear, if I already had my own Royal physician, all he’d need is access to plenty of Ultram, a dose or two of Morphine (should I ever have another BCH), and a few condescending remarks about how I should see the Royal nutritionist about my weight.  I mean, that’s all the VA doctors have ever done for me.  I’m not exactly high maintenance health-wise; that’s all I’m saying.

It’s a good thing I allowed myself an extra hour this morning for working on a TV spec script outline, because this headache is really throwing off my focus.  Perhaps it’s the Universe’s way of telling me that he prefers watching me goof off, as I spent several hours last night dutifully watching an old episode of Merlin in order to make an 8-page outline of it.  Yep – my Hedonist God prefers when I just watch TV for the hell of it.

I apologize that this Update post is so scattered, but like I said: this headache is really throwing me off today.  I’ll probably lightly medicate it later, but I am not looking forward to a whole day’s worth of my college schedule!

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