The War of the Spirits

“But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.”  – Romans 7:23


Now, I’ve read this passage a lot.  (Keep in mind, I’m an Agnostic, and this will in no way, shape, or form be a “religious” blog!)  Basically, Paul describes how there’s a war going on in his body – the war of God’s law against the law of sin.  I’ll only give you one guess as to which one is the more enticing.

But I apply it to my life, and more specifically, to the war of Duty vs Pleasure I see going on within me.  I mean, as a Hedonist (Yes, I’m many things – try not to pigeonhole me.), obviously the “Big Bad” in my life is Pleasure.

I find that when I know I need to, say, shop for groceries, take out the trash, lug the laundry out to the laundromat, or even write – that I am beset on all sides by beckoning pleasures: porn, online games, naps, PS3 games, Netflix, snacks, DVDs of awesome TV shows and movies, etc.

I mean, writer’s block and procrastination are really only valid scapegoats for about 20% (if that) of my down-time.  The rest is overcome by these other unprofitable pursuits which, if the wiser of my two natures had a majority shareholder position in my brain, I would dutifully ignore most of the time.

Alas, I do not.  My sensual memory knows how pleasurable these other pastimes are, and has no qualms about vehemently reminding me of such if I am ever of a mild bent to be productive.

I am seriously considering being productive today.  Perhaps I’ll have time to tell you (my readers) tomorrow how well that went for me.

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1 Response to The War of the Spirits

  1. Alura says:

    i think your productive went null? 😉 ifi recall you decided not to leave the house lol.

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